The one with the first namaste

Namaste fellow earthlings.
Whenever I say namaste I have an almost uncontrollable urge to say namaste bitches, and while I’m sure we’re gonna be besties I feel like we’re not quite at that stage yet…
I recently did a yoga program on a tiny  hippy island in Canada and I think someone said namaste bitches ONE time at the most when I was there and that’s all it took for my brain to become obsessed with it and involuntarily say it every time someone says namaste.
Other obsessions of mine include running and lollies which is what nzers call candy and minions. Yes minions. I may have creepily taken a photo of a kid with a minion backpack that I now really want but I promise I’m not creepy apart from the minion situation 😉
Lollies fuel 95% of my runs. The other 5% I am not organised enough to make some lollies happen in my life and the consequences are usually pretty dire (I spend the entire run feeling like I’m half asleep and going at a pace that is too embarrassing to admit).
Being  in Saskatchewan at the moment means running is off the menu as it’s usually about -30 degrees right now. You read that right, it is scary but true. Having said that it has been the most fun thing ever to play in the snow, in New Zealand we usually spend Christmas at the beach so my first white Christmas has been magical.
What has been on the menu: French toast casserole for brekkie!!! It was so fluffy and delicious and I think French toast for breakfast as much as possible is a major life win.

Nail painting after breakfast is also a major life win. I love this colour and it really lasts (when I’m not waitressing every second of my life).

I decided to do this video rather than run. It was exactly what I felt like doing, I really liked all the core work in it. For some reason my hip flexors often hurt in plank though?


 Between the ice and snow and windchill and my lungs hurting really bad in the cold I have decided to be sensible and look at this as a really good opportunity to nurture my body with lots of yoga and rest and start running again when I am near a treadmill/in warmer temperatures.
It’s so great how red I get when I do yoga (please note the heavy sarcasm).
It has been a really crazy year for me in terms of running- I trained for a half marathon earlier in the year but then I got scheduled for nose surgery (I had a deviated septum and allergy situation) so of course I couldn’t do it. After my nose started feeling ten million times better after the surgery I got back into running again for a few months, then I got sidelined for three weeks with laryngitis. Then I got back into it again (this is a fun story right) before spraining my ankle while running on salt spring island in Canada. That took me out for another month, but since then I’ve just been building myself up again and enjoying my running in beautiful Australia where I’m living while I do my masters degree.
So to sum up, it’s been a whirlwind of a year in general, I’ve gone from NZ to Australia to NZ to Canada to NZ to Australia and then back to Canada again, and in terms of running it’s been pretty up and down but now I am suuuuper excited to train properly again and I plan to enjoy my little yoga/strength training break in the meantime 🙂

After yoga it was onsie time!!! I am very proud of my stylin’ onsie and am pretty tempted to wear it as pyjamas even though it is designed for the snow. I never realised how much of a mission getting dressed for the snow is, every time it takes at least 10 minutes and i think it actually gets my heart rate even higher than my workout does.

It is definitely needed for sleigh rides and ice fishing though! With the temperature around -20 and the windchill making it around -30 and me being a delicate kiwi from the land of everlasting sunshine I need minimum five layers every time I venture out.

I caught a beautiful fish and I am extremely proud. I look slightly dubious about it in the photo, I thought I’d pretend to kiss it but up close it was pretty nasty and seeing all the way into it’s tummy was not a sight I was fully prepared to see. It really freaks me out how big those fishes’ gills are.


Tiny baby icicles on my eyelashes and hat 🙂

The lake is huuuuge, some people cleared some off so the kids could skate and play some hockey. About as Canadian as it gets 😉
The day ended with this scrabble game getting my heart rate up even more than my workout and getting dressed in five thousand layers this morning combined. I started off with using all my letters to make the word domains and thought I was super cool… and yes kyat is a word.

About kiwiyogirunner

I'm a kiwi girl travelling the world and staying grounded through yoga and running! Come hang out and be besties with me while I attempt to navigate my crazy life :) For more details check out my About page!
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