The one with the waffle from heaven

Our Saskatchewan adventure is over. Saying goodbye to Curtis’ parents was not awesome but I had the best time in their hometown and now I am excited for the next step in our journey- Vancouver!! There is a lot to be said for having two months of holiday. Seriously. Everyone should do it, right now. I’m sure your jobs/bosses/teachers/bank balances won’t mind. It’s not like I’m gonna be dirt poor after this or anything 😉
I didn’t work out before leaving. I’m not the biggest fan of working out in the morning unless I really really have to- I will almost always be lazy and choose sleep over working out. My sleepy mind has a lot of justifications about that. Luckily I’m always super excited to workout after being up for a few hours or later on in the day so it usually works out fine, and if I know that it won’t then I’ll just deal with the pain and do it in the morning. It’s definitely not pretty though.
Obviously I am the master of packing. This is not disorganised at all 😉
Power was very much needed this morning. I powered through packing my suitcase and got that shizzle sorted in time for a second cup of very much needed coffee before we hit the road.

Goodbye beautiful snowy backyard where I built my first snowman.

You were good to me and although the snow wasn’t great for building snowmen it sure was awesome for snowball fights, I won that by a landslide no matter what the video might imply.

I will definitely miss these prairies. Please note the -30 temperature. Scary.
After our two hour road trip we were beyond ready for lunch. Please prepare your eyes for the waffle sent directly from heaven. That bad boy was advertised as coming with a mountain of strawberries and nothing could have been truer. I have never eaten so many strawberries in my life and it was beyond magical and I never wanted it to end. Wow. 

Curtis and I had a very deep conversation during our road trip. I am a huge t-swizzle fan (Taylor Swift but I call her T-swizzle and Tay Tay and cos we are pretty much besties and I have touched her arm which proves it). I said that a mosh pit at a T-swizzle concert would be crazier but Curtis said a metal mosh pit would be crazier. Please help us to resolve this argument, remember that T-swizzle fans are for realises.

Who would be more crazy- Taylor Swift fans or metal fans? -I am pretty sure it would be Taylor Swift fans, I did get pulled out of her mosh pit by security (not because I am cray but because I thought I was going to get squished).

Waffles or pancakes? – Usually I would say pancakes but now I am rethinking it.

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I'm a kiwi girl travelling the world and staying grounded through yoga and running! Come hang out and be besties with me while I attempt to navigate my crazy life :) For more details check out my About page!
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5 Responses to The one with the waffle from heaven

  1. bobbyjessica2319 says:

    That’s EXACTLY how I like my waffles. Yumm. I like pancakes too though.
    And hahah. I am laughing about twizzle. Too funny. I think a Taylor Swift concert would be crazier if the fans were told that they would get to touch her arm. Lol and I’ve been to a metal concert. So I know. 😉


    • Haha well we weren’t exactly told that… 😉 she came down the stage next to me and I touched her arm… That sounds super creepy now that I say that! I promise it was normal 🙂 and yeah, waffles or pancakes, it’s not like I’m going to say no to either of those beauties!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I think I need those waffles in my life right now…


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