The one with my first ever Garmin

Today started off with a dance party at 8am. Curtis and I babysat his two year old niece and I worked up a sweat teaching her all my sweet moves which I’m thinking maybe I should copyright or something. They included scissor arms and high kicks, those ten years of ballet training really paid off πŸ™‚


She is an angel and called me mum for half the day until we taught her my name is Jessie (Jessica was too hard).


Coffee and cereal was very much needed to fuel this high energy activity.

This is the glorious aisle from which I bought my FIRST EVER garmin a few days ago. I may have cried a little from excitement.


IΒ was so so excited to do my first run with my garmin. I have wanted one for so long so this is kindof a big deal to me and I was tempted to sleep with it on until Curtis told me that’s weird. You better believe I put it right where I would see it when I woke up, it all it’s beautiful teal coloured glory.

I did 8 beautiful miles at a 9.34 pace and it was magical to look down and see my stylin’ little garmin telling me everything I wanted to know. I may have blown it kisses while I was running, and it probably looked weird to people but I don’t mind, this kind of love is not something you find every day πŸ™‚

After my run it was time for a wee walk down the street, window shopping is where it’s at after you spend all your money on running devices. I found the perfect bag to take to university, I decided not to get it though because all the other MA students would think it was too cool and I usually try to be approachable πŸ˜‰

We got back to the cat playing with the ipad in bed. I seriously think he learned that from me. Doesn’t he look guilty?? 

Dinner was three cheese tortellini, and WOW was it good. Soo comforting on a cold day. 

And dessert: a heavenly pink lady apple with peanut butter. I’m not usually the biggest peanut butter fan (please don’t hate me) but will eat it with apples on occasion. And yes I ate it straight off the cutting board, it tastes extra good that way.


I watched Jurassic park for the first time ever today!!! Somehow I missed out on all these movies when I was little (the hours of ballet every day might have had something to do with it πŸ˜‰ ) and I only recently watched Jumanji aswell. It was amazing, but I am glad I watched as an adult (I’m an adult?!?) because I would have been even more scared as a kid.

Who has seen Jumanji and Jurassic park?
Do you use a Garmin or another running gps?

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6 Responses to The one with my first ever Garmin

  1. ollieruns says:

    I have seen Jumanji, not the other one though! And I want a Garmin so bad! Don’t know if you can get them in NZ but I guess that’s a good excuse for online shopping??

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jurassic park is actually awesome, dinosaurs are intense! Yeah I got mine here in Canada because I don’t think we have garmin dealers in nz… I know some of the older versions are available on trademe though! I’m obsessed with it haha


  3. I wonder how accurate the garmin is? I ordered the fitbit with hrm


  4. Tess says:

    Okay. Here is my guilty pleasure. When I don’t have sweets in the house and I’m DYING for sugar (sugar is a necessary food group for me) I will eat tiny little bites of peanut butter (I don’t love peanut butter at.all. ) and dip it in sugar. I love it. I figure I’m okay with it because the best peanut butter cookie recipe in the world is one cup peanut butter, one cup sugar and one egg. Done and done. 350*. 9 minutes give or take.
    Missing the egg…I’m just eating cookie dough…right?


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