The one with the late Super Bowl recap

I’m just going to say it. Before Sunday I thought that the Super Bowl was a baseball game.

I’m sorry.

In my defence, we don’t watch it down under, and the “bowl” part of it made me think of cricket, but I figured the more American thing would be baseball orientated. Welcome to my convoluted thought processes, aren’t they fun?

Regardless, it was SUPER FUN. Ok so the football part I obviously knew nothing about, but we had the biggest plate of nachos I’ve seen in my life:





And the halftime show?!!?! I had no idea it was that big of a thing!! And can I just say, Katy perry was glorious. She is a goddess and imagine singing for the Super Bowl?! Her parents must be so proud, imagine that, “there’s our little girl riding a crazy giant geometric tiger, isn’t she clever?”.

I read a few lovely blog posts recently about the importance of women supporting women ( ) and people supporting people ( ). I loved seeing that out there because I am incredibly passionate about that, and watching Katy Perry up there on her tiger and even seeing those football players giving it their all and working as a team just reiterated it to me. We are all humans and some of us are singing at the Super Bowl and some of us are watching, but we are all equal and we should all celebrate one another.

I like how my friend the Dalai Lama sums it up:



Also, I was watching the Super Bowl here in Canada and so the advertisements were maybe Canadian ones, I’m not too sure. Anyway there was an ad for changing the meaning of “Like a girl” and changing the way this is used to a positive meaning. I think this is AWESOME because someone’s gender should never be an insult (I feel the same way when “that’s so gay” is used). Language is SO IMPORTANT. Language brings connotations and when we challenge those connotations and rethink them, that’s how change starts.

So to sum up, the Super Bowl was awesome, human beings are awesome, and we should all celebrate and acknowledge each other’s awesomeness. I don’t know how the Super Bowl made me think about all this but it just did.

Now I’m off to run like a girl, and by that I mean crush 10 miles like a BEAST.




Favourite part of the Super Bowl? Katy Perry and the nachos, and watching it with my man 🙂




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8 Responses to The one with the late Super Bowl recap

  1. Tess says:

    Ha. My favorite part of the superbowl is halftime, too. And the food. 🙂 I love the “Like a Girl” ads, that was brilliant marketing right there. You know they’re all high fiving right now. You are so right. Language is so important. Hope your ten miles is killer awesome.


  2. runsaltrun says:

    The best part for me was the dancing sharks. I’m not usually a huge Katy Perry fan, but she was definitely entertaining! I wish I had had nachos too!
    That #LikeAGirl campaign is one of my favorite things to ever come on television. As mom to a little girl, the message is something that I will be spending my life trying to pass on.


  3. I loved the ‘like a girl’ commercials. Have a great run!


  4. Haha, super bowl is not really a big thing here in the UK, but it is definitely becoming more popular.


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