The one with the Vancouver aquarium

No run this morning. Hitting up the number one park and aquarium in North America was a tad more important to me.

The first thing we did on arrival was have coffee. Priorities people πŸ˜‰ I felt like a kid in a candy store with all the exciting things you could see- there was a huge screen with all the shows that were on that day, including a dolphin show, a penguin show, a shark show, as well as sea lions and beluga whales and sea otters. Trying to choose was exploding my brain (there is not much of it ok πŸ˜‰ ) so coffee first was a must. The below cinnamon bun was also a must.

We started off with the dolphin show. Solid choice right? I LOVED it. The dolphins were definitely crowd pleasers and I couldn’t believe how high they could jump! Girlfriend got some serious air.

After that we went straight into a 4d cinema for a movie on the great salmon run. I don’t know if I’m late on the whole 4d thing or not but it was flipping AWESOME. The seats were moving, I got spritzed in the face a few times, there were bubbles which always make everything more magical in my opinion and there was even a flowery scent in the air at one point.

Then it was straight in to the sea lion show. Those beasties are huge and while they might look adorable with their little whiskers, they are fierce. The trainers said they took a long time to build rapport with them- I would not want to be the one to have to initiate the rapport building, that’s for sure.

I thought the sea otters were way too cute. I had no idea they were that big!! For some reason I thought sea otters were tiny? Maybe I’m thinking of otters? Anyway those bad boys were pretty darn sweet especially when they were swimming around on their backs munching on a treat. I could relate.

After that it was shark snack time. Curtis contemplated throwing me in but decided against it, I am winning today. We then had an in depth discussion about which would be worse: being thrown in the sea lion pool or in the shark pool? Bear in mind that the sharks are well fed and so they only sometimes munch on the little fishies. It was pretty close because sea lions are crazy but eventually we both decided that they would be a lesser evil than the sharks. I think I would pretend to be a rock or something, maybe they wouldn’t notice me then. Sharks are freaky because apparently they can sense your heart beating through the water so the whole play dead/play a rock thing wouldn’t work with those smarties.

Because we are cheap we packed our own lunch, peanut butter and jam sandwiches and a carrot because veggies are important πŸ˜‰ After lunch I got really into the beautiful jellyfish, for some reason I am compelled to make the below attractive face whenever I am around jellyfish, maybe that is how I think they look or maybe I am trying to make them feel more attractive in comparison to me, I really don’t know.

We then went for a nice stroll around beautiful Stanley park and then it was yoga and dinner and bed. I LOVED the aquarium, I thought it was really well put together and an incredible price ($20 for students and that includes all the amazing shows and exhibits). Such a fun fishy day.

Has anyone been to the Vancouver aquarium?

Favourite animal? – My ultimate favourite isΒ the giraffe but my sea animal fave is the penguin.

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I'm a kiwi girl travelling the world and staying grounded through yoga and running! Come hang out and be besties with me while I attempt to navigate my crazy life :) For more details check out my About page!
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6 Responses to The one with the Vancouver aquarium

  1. TechChick says:

    That looks like an awesome place! I have never been there. Girl, I think we are having some cross country bonding going on – first the Frosted Mini Wheats, and now packing PB&J sandwiches!! My family lives on those when we go skiing. No way I’m paying $15 for a burger at the ski lodge. Except we have to include a Little Debbie snack treat too – need energy for skiing πŸ™‚


  2. That looks like WAY too much fun! hehe! Thanks for sharing! ❀ –


  3. ollieruns says:

    Those cinnamon buns. I need one.

    Liked by 1 person

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