The one where I lost my Costco virginity


Mini golf is the shizzle but we will get to that later.
I started the day with a snappy little 3 mile run down my favourite street in Vancouver. It was sunny (which is pretty much a miracle here in winter), the birds were chirping and I ran at the speed of light. Okay not exactly, I felt super sluggish during the entire run BUT I pounded out my fastest mile ever on my new garmin (8.56) which made me feel special even though it’s not exactly the 4.34 minute mile my runkeeper app  was mistakenly telling me.


Throughout the run I just kept saying “I can” and I swear it helped, I finished anyway, which was an achievement in itself considering how tired I felt.

Then something very exciting happened. I got home and Curtis reminded me that today was Costco day.

My first ever trip to Costco. I have waited so long for this moment. We don’t have Costco down under and so until now I have been deprived of this beautiful experience. It has been hard.

I have heard many beautiful things about Costco and it pretty much lived up to my expectations, however (brace yourselves people) there were no samples. Maybe we went too early or something? Anyway I got the following three spectacular items (along with a bunch of groceries):

This top:

I love the neckline and it was in my price range ($9.50) for clothing so it was a win.

These drink bottles:

I am obsessed with having a decent drink bottle to drink out of and I lost the gorgeous one my bestie gave me (sorry Sally 😦 ) so I am pretty excited about these bad boys. I love the colour which is super important and the lid is badass- it has a nifty opening situation and a handle that you can hook on stuff. No I am not getting paid to say this, I was just super excited about it and thought I would take one for the team and let you all in on the secret.

And this French dictionary:

I am waitressing in  French restaurant (more physically demanding than anything I’ve done in my life FYI) to support myself while I’m studying in Sydney, and as the only non French speaker, I have some serious work to do.


After our Costco extravaganza it was time for our first ever mini golf date. Curtis told me beforehand that we would be enemies during our time on the course and there would be no cuddling etc during the game, No worries, I changed his mind, he couldn’t resist my pathetic “I suck at golf” face and sad puppy eyes. Not pictured, this was before I started losing.

There was a plus side to me losing by an embarrassing amount- I made Curtis a deal before we started that he had to play me at bowling if I lost. This was very clever of me as bowling is my one talent in life and HE WILL PAY. You can’t see my score which is lucky as it was super high. And yes apparently my name is Goat.

We rounded off a perfect day with a Dairy Queen date. Some veggies along with crazy deliciousness otherwise known as a blizzard hit the spot.

Do you go to Costco?
Faveourite  blizzard flavour? I forget to even think about the different flavours because cookie dough is always screaming my name so loudly.

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I'm a kiwi girl travelling the world and staying grounded through yoga and running! Come hang out and be besties with me while I attempt to navigate my crazy life :) For more details check out my About page!
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2 Responses to The one where I lost my Costco virginity

  1. TechChick says:

    That is awesome – I love your take on things that I think everyone knows about (Costco)! btw, so Little Debbies are things like Twinkies. Have you ever had those? Except we like the chocolate items like Swiss Rolls and Nutty Bars. Just yummy sweet junk food that I don’t eat unless we are on a ski trip. That makes them special 🙂
    Total bummer that you didn’t get any samples!! We have called our store before and asked when they are having samples so we could snag a nice snack trip for the family. haha (well, it sounds pretty lame when you say it out loud, but really, it’s cool. I’m sure of that.)
    And finally…. YEAH! I ran that 20 mile long run today and I’m quite pleased with the results!


    • Haha yeah it was totally new to me! 🙂 little Debbie’s sound awesome! I haven’t had a Twinkie but I know what it is 🙂 hahaha that is cool, I absolutely would have done the same and called if I had thought about it! It’s just being really organised 🙂 wow congrats on the 20 miler!! That’s incredible!! I’m off to stalk your blog now!


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