The one with the yogi food habits

This is what I am greeted with when I step outside each morning.

Not bad Vancouver, not bad at all.

This morning I was also greeted with this:

Well done Vancouver, very well done. Sausage dogs (I don’t even know what the proper name for them is but that’s what we call them down under) are my favourite dogs ever and one day I WILL own one and I WILL call it Sausage. I know it is probably creepy that I take pictures of people’s dogs while they are out walking, but I am kindof ok with it. I did talk to this lady about her dog which I think makes it slightly less creepy, right? Right.



Lunch was at this awesome little vegetarian cafe. I am loving all the little hippie places in Vancouver, that serve you water in mason jars and kombucha and have flowers all over the walls. Super cute.


My vegan mac n’ cheese was phenomenal. Soo creamy and delicious and the ultimate comfort food. Plus it was too much to finish so I get the have the rest for brekkie, winning at life šŸ˜‰

My approach to eating is funny because a) I am both a runner and a yogi and b) I’m a libra and I like balance.

In terms of being a yogi I am very much about the no meat/saving energy/happy animals side of things, as well as healthy beautiful food and nutritional awesomeness šŸ™‚ I have been both vegetarian and vegan in the past but I’m pretty flexible about it these days. This is partially because as a runner I feel like I have slightly different needs- I have gotten really run down in the past despite taking supplements etc and now I feel a lot better when I eat (free range) meat sometimes. Also working as a waitress I get free food and as a post grad student this is very much appreciated šŸ™‚


I just think everyone should do what works for them personally and for their situation. I had a lovely yoga teacher put it really nicely too- she basically said that everyone does what they can- for some people that’s not eating meat to help with the energy situation, for others it’s donating money or time or maintaining a happy home.

I love the idea that everyone does what they can and that’s what I try to do do. In terms of being a libra (I know nothing about star signs but apparently libras are balanced?) I am all about the everything under the sun in moderation and the body balancing itself out. That works for me, I know for some people they don’t like to have a little bit of something “unhealthy” cos then they crave more but for me I love both healthy food and unhealthy food and like enjoying both šŸ™‚


Usually I prefer to cook at home a lot more (and by cook I mean chop up veggies and throw them in the crock pot and pour myself bowls of cereal) but right now I am in full swing enjoying the holiday to the max mode. I’m not gonna lie, it is pretty fun sampling almost every eatery in Vancouver, someone has to do it and I am more than up to the challenge.

Yoga burned oh so good today. I am loving the teachers at One Yoga, they really push you but in the best way. I am feeling like I am sinking deeper into the poses every day, both mentally and physically. Don’t worry I still look ridiculous in forward fold and probably always will šŸ™‚

It is a special type of yogi who goes straight to a bar after yoga for wine and dessert. And dumplings. I am aware of how awesome my hair looks after yoga, I styled it like that with a lot of care ok šŸ˜‰

Peanut butter brownie thingy. It was glorious.

Are you/have you ever been vegetarian/vegan?
What helps you stay balanced food-wise? Ā 

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I'm a kiwi girl travelling the world and staying grounded through yoga and running! Come hang out and be besties with me while I attempt to navigate my crazy life :) For more details check out my About page!
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8 Responses to The one with the yogi food habits

  1. That brownies looks SO good! I’m not doing dessert this week, but I might have to make something like that next weekend!

    I love good vegan restaurants, but I’ve never been strictly vegetarian or vegan. I was paleo for awhile, and I didn’t love that end of the spectrum, either. I think my workouts help keep my eating balanced. Eating junk makes it harder to feel good running!


  2. Awwwh, I love sausage dogs, but what I love more is peanut butter brownies. Oooooh Yeeeeah!


  3. tess says:

    So I figured it out…I tried to comment last night but it didn’t work. I”ll try and email you later? Do you have a contact info? I’ll look on your page.

    Meanwhile…I love the art on the walls! It’s so beautiful. And I went vegetarian for a few months and it was super easy. I could totally do it again. But you can’t make me eat Tofu. nopenopenope


  4. So many delicious looking meals! That peanut butter brownie sounds AMAZING! And that vegetarian cafe looks so cute šŸ™‚


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