The one with the date with myself

Today was date with myself day. Curtis had a day on set of a TV show (I think he is super cool 🙂 ) and so I decided to take myself out and do whatever tickled my fancy.

Of course my first stop was a yoga class. I am loving the One Yoga studio and the class I did was exactly what I needed in that moment. The teacher was so sweet and talked a lot about how we spend time telling ourselves we can’t do stuff when we should tell ourselves that we can. I had just been thinking about that very thing and it gave me a nice lil’ boost.


The class itself was great but when yoga teachers whip out ab work at the end of the class I always feel like I’m going to die. I’m not the biggest fan of doing abs, and when it’s at the end of the class when I’m ready to slip blissfully into my savasana I always feel extra grumpy about it.
Maybe I’d love doing abs if I had a six pack to show for it, but then again, maybe I’d have a six pack if I loved doing them, so as you can see it’s a chicken egg situation and basically I have neither the chicken nor the egg regardless of which might have come first.

Speaking of abs, this video is badass and maybe I should take a whack at it.

Getting lost on my way out of yoga had me ready to rip my own arm off and eat it so BUT it lead me to a lolly store and I figured going for the lollies would be a less disturbing option for those around me. Plus being lost is fun when you’re munching on giant chewy sugar lumps. They’re healthy if they’re made with real juice though right? 😉 Heck yeah I ripped into these bad boys before taking the picture.

By the time I got to the cafe I was aiming for I was more than ready to inhale my oatmeal and coffee. It was divine and was gone within 1 minute 20 seconds of taking this picture.

I thought the bike outside was too cute.


I actually stayed at the hostel next door to this cafe when I came to Vancouver for the first time before doing my yoga course on Salt Spring. I had booked a hostel before leaving NZ but when I arrived they said they had given the room to someone else and the hostel itself had a really dodgy air about it. I gapped it out of there and literally trawled the streets of Vancouver at 2am with my huge suitcase looking for a new one, good times. I stumbled across the Cambie hostel and it was awesome, and had this cute cafe right next door.

I went home and did cleaning and fun stuff like that and then I went running with the running room group! Canada has this store called the running room (I don’t think we have it done under?) and they do running groups throughout the week and call them running clinics. You can choose what you wanna train for so I rolled out with the marathoners which they thought was hilarious as I’m not actually training for a marathon. I just like the longer run options ok? 🙂 plus the 8km group was going to go way too fast for me so I opted for the 10k group which at least left me standing up by myself after. I did faceplant once during the run but managed to shake it off, I’m pretty hardcore like that.

Only a few battle scars. That lump on my knee is not usually there. The knee wrinkle is though, I’m not super excited about it.

Who likes to go on a date with themselves? What does your idea me-date day involve? –for me it’s always yoga and running orientated (I’m sure you wouldn’t have guessed 😉 ) and preferably has some awesome food eg lollies 🙂

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I'm a kiwi girl travelling the world and staying grounded through yoga and running! Come hang out and be besties with me while I attempt to navigate my crazy life :) For more details check out my About page!
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6 Responses to The one with the date with myself

  1. TechChick says:

    Hmmm, this is a good question! As a busy mom, I always look forward to my day off work, Friday. It’s my “me” day! But, I also feel like I am obligated to do something for the family too, like I can’t just slack off all day. I have “mom guilt” like that 🙂 Lately though, my Friday mornings have been filled with marathon training of course and then various things like cleaning, etc. In my dreams my day off would involve lounging around reading magazines, going out to lunch with a friend and simply doing nothing!! 🙂 After Boston I think I need to make that dream a reality. I deserve it!


    • You absolutely deserve it!! Yeah I bet things are a whole different story when you have kids! Haha and yeah, cleaning always seems to make an appearance for me too, I just relax better when things are non in complete chaos! 🙂


  2. bobbyjessica2319 says:

    Haha love it.!! I am such an anti social person that I loove me dates.! Mine usually consists of a run and coffee in the morning, explore a small town and it’s little hidden charms and eat at a cafe ice never been.
    And yikess, ab work, yea I’m not too fond of it either. Lol


  3. I love days like this, when you just take time out to do whatever you want. Starting the day with yoga sounds good to me.
    Looks like you had a fab day!


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