The one with Maraetai Beach


I love waking up to this view:



Being back in my childhood home has multiple perks: home cooked meals, peaceful NZ countryside, and finding old treasures:



These little critters provided approximately 6/8ths of my childhood entertainment for several years. I made them their own houses out of shoeboxes, and they wanted for nothing- Grace wanted a boat, she got a boat (made out of an old shampoo bottle), Winky wanted to go ice skating, ice skating she went (on the ice out of the defrosted freezer). They hold a very special place in my heart 🙂 

Another thing that holds a special place in my heart- having tea with the fam. Whenever I am home multiple cups of tea are drank, it is necessary mid morning with some sort of cake, mid afternoon, and definitely after dinner. Whenever I think of being home I think of drinking tea and chatting with my lovely parents and sis. 


We are also unable to go on any excursion without having coffee first. Today we went to a new cafe my parents have discovered, with the cutest old fashioned tea cups and a library full of books.



Sorry for the blurry pic but I wanted to show off the awesome bookshelf and also the number for our table that matches the age I am turning this year. Bring on the wisdom that I’m sure being 25 will bring 😉



I loved that the cafe had pics of native NZ birds in it, such a cute and effective idea: 



After coffee we were ready for the actual purpose of the day- Maraetai Beach! This gorgeous beach is one of my favorites in the North Island. The sea is always a stunning colour here and the wharf is so much fun for jumping off, I have spent many a summer day with my sister attempting to be brave enough to jump from the highest point 🙂 



Today was pretty cloudy so it wasn’t a swimming day for me, it was running time! I was actually super happy it wasn’t too sunny, I’m not used to the heat yet after leaving Canada and the humidity today was already noticeable enough to me without adding in the scorching NZ sun. 

I did an easy five miles around the bays while my parents did a power walk. It felt really good to be running in such a beautiful environment, with the clear water shining next to me the whole way. I LOVE running on trails next to a beach, but not so much running on the beach itself. I often find beaches a little flat and visually they make me feel like I’ve been running for an age when actually it’s been 4 minutes. Having said that of course I wouldn’t complain about a beach compared to a busy city road 🙂 



This running spot was perfect because it had some beach parts, a great trail section, and the rest was a footpath going up into the hills near the beach. I also love seeing some little sheep when I’m running in NZ, way to remind me I am back in the land of the billions of sheep.



I am currently breaking in my new shoes, and they feel AMAZING. I couldn’t resist a little running shoe pic on the pebbly sand.

IMG_2653 IMG_2654


A little beach yoga to finish up: 


And a rocky road ice cream to reward myself 🙂 I always chose this flavour as a kid and it continues to float ma’ boat.




Do you enjoy running on beaches? – I aways feel guilty for finding it challenging even though it is so beautiful!

Does your family have any traditions like morning tea? 





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I'm a kiwi girl travelling the world and staying grounded through yoga and running! Come hang out and be besties with me while I attempt to navigate my crazy life :) For more details check out my About page!
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9 Responses to The one with Maraetai Beach

  1. Liv @ Healthy Liv says:

    I’ve heard running on the beach actually burns more calories per mile since it’s more difficult?! I don’t track my calories but I thought that it was encouraging to know that the increased difficulty wasn’t all in my head. And I love that you rewarded yourself with some rocky road. Yum!!


  2. TechChick says:

    Wow, you have beautiful sights everywhere you go! Love the countryside and the sheep, and of course the shore! I ran on the beach in Mexico and it was exhausting!!!
    I will be posting some pictures of snow today because you are clearly missing that. Haha!
    Ps, I have never drank tea before!!


  3. Tess says:

    I do not run on the beach Sam I am…because it will kill my poor sad Achilles. But I will enjoy it from afar. I love that coffee shop. It’s so cute.
    And I love tea because I’m allergic to caffeine so no coffee.


  4. Tess says:

    The yoga on the beach looks quite lovely though! 🙂


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