The one with the sculpture walk on Waiheke Island

You know those places near where you live that are very popular for tourists to go and you are always ashamed that foreigners to your country have been there and you haven’t? If not just roll with me on this.

Waiheke Island in Auckland has always been one of those places for me. Known as an adorable tiny island only half an hour’s ferry ride from the central city, with beautiful wineries and beaches,Β I had not made it there despite having lived in Auckland city for 6 years, how embarrassing.

I tried to make up for this fact by exploring every inch of it yesterday.Β My parents are adorable and wanted to take me and my sis on a surprise date while I’m home in NZ, and Waiheke turned out to be the secret destination.

Please prepare your eyes for a zillion photos, I tried to narrow it down but may have somewhat failed.


Of course we had to start the day with coffee, that is how we function in this family. Coffee and a treat first, then productivity.




We walked around Auckland city a bit to begin with, with a particular mission to show my Dad the viaduct harbour. This is kinda like the hot spot if you wanna go clubbing or out for a fancy meal and that sort of thing in Auckland, gotta keep the parentals up on these things πŸ˜‰

And this was the ship we took out to Waiheke:



Just kidding, we are a civilized country I promise, we took a normal ferry boat that is run with a motor. This was just a random ship in the viaduct harbour next to a whole lot of cute cafes- and you can see our famous Skytower in the background (the sixth highest tower in the world, wow I am knowledgeable πŸ˜‰ ).


A proper lunch was needed to fuel our hike, I devoured this bad boy quick smart and then we took the ferry over.




See ya soon, Auckland.





Please take note of the below picture, this is my future home where you will all be invited for coffee and yoga, and underneath is my sister’s future boat where she will live when she’s not cleaning my house and painting my nails and doing my hair (okay so we didn’t fully agree on those parts, minor details though people).




The adorable ferry terminal:


And the glorious bay which you lay eyes on the second you get off the ferry:



Every February Waiheke puts on a sculpture hike, where local artist’s sculptures are exhibited around the coastline of the island. Um, genius. Hiking and looking at crazy art along an incredible series of bays, that sounds like a good time to me.

This was the first sculpture we came to on the hike. It was a beast, way bigger than it seems in the pic!



A little side plank because I can’t resist doing a little yoga pose in every beautiful location I go to (and yes I am wearing sneakers and a dress, please don’t judge me for my comfort based style choice accommodating both the hot weather and the hike):




This sculpture doesn’t look like much, but actually it was gorgeous, it was like silver ribbons pulled tight and fluttering and flashing in the breeze.





The wine shack sculpture that had me confused for a good few minutes, Waiheke is very much the kind of place there would be a random wine shack so it was very mysterious to me as to why there wasn’t any wine in it, I am smart I promise πŸ˜‰




This sculpture was kinda weird looking but when you get up close there is this crazy eerie music coming from it- at first we couldn’t figure out if the strings were making the noise in the wind but then we got up really close and figured out it was a recording. Artists are so clever!




This artist knew what would appeal to me:





The heart I made for Curtis, symbolizing our long distance love πŸ™‚ Next year I’m sure I’ll be one of the artists showcased here with these skills of mine πŸ˜‰



This was also one of my favorites, it was really fun to walk through the mirrors and see the sea and the sky and ourselves reflected in them.



And my number one fave:


Again this sculpture was huge, I have no idea how people go about making these things.


The final view of the hike:



NZ is in a little tiny bit of a drought right now in case you were wondering, the price you pay for a gorgeous summer.

I have to say, when you come to NZ to visit me, you have to come in the summer because firstly it is awesome and warm but not too warm, and secondly because we will do this hike. These were just a few of my favorite sculptures on the hike because I didn’t want to give you repetitive stress syndrome by making you scroll through a million, and the hike itself was perfect. I think we took about 90 mins doing it, stopping all the time to look at sculptures, and it was relatively easy but did get my heart rate up at some points. Waiheke itself also lived up to our expectations, Β I Β definitely recommend going there if you are in Auckland. Give me a few years and you can come hang out at my future clifftop house after the hike πŸ˜‰

Some delicious home cooked pasta and yogurt with berries to finish the day:




Which is your favorite sculpture of the ones I showed you?

Have you ever been to Auckland/Waiheke? Β 

Dream home destination? – The house above wasn’t too shabby at all in my opinion πŸ˜‰


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I'm a kiwi girl travelling the world and staying grounded through yoga and running! Come hang out and be besties with me while I attempt to navigate my crazy life :) For more details check out my About page!
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15 Responses to The one with the sculpture walk on Waiheke Island

  1. Tess says:

    Love the sculptures…the ribbons are SO beautiful! And the mirrors…wow. Nice.


  2. Gorgeous pictures! I would love to come visit there for some coffee and yoga:)


  3. bobbyjessica2319 says:

    awe I love that sculpture.!! so cool. πŸ™‚ and beautiful hike.!! can’t wait to go do it with you in a couple years with your beautiful view. haha.
    and yummy food. You are making me hungry this morning.


  4. Such gorgeous photos – I love the sculptures.


  5. Curtwood says:

    Can’t wait to come visit and see for myself! πŸ˜‰


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