The one with the importance of rest days

When I was reading intelligent stuff for this post I googled “why do runners need to take rest days” and the first thing that came up was “why do runners shave their legs”. LOL. I actually don’t know the answer to this, I’m pretty sure that on the days I am slow it is not because I haven’t shaved my legs 😉 Throwback pic of when I was little, showcasing what a rest day should look like:


So I haven’t exactly been running every day or anything recently, but between traveling from Canada to NZ, doing yoga most days, running on the other days, and doing awesome sculpture hikes (see my previous post 😉 ), I have been pretty darn active and busy. I often find that the busier I get the more I want to do, for example when I have been running for a few consecutive days (okay, like four-five consecutive days), I really want to keep going but my body starts feeling a little more creaky and I start getting sore calves which is always a sign for me that it is rest day time.

This sums it up:
image1( From

Over time I’ve gotten a lot better at listening to my body and taking a rest day whenever I need it, not just as per my schedule. This has definitely taken a lot of time to figure out for me, further confounded by the fact that often directly after a run I feel more energized, and so on my tired days I think I should go for a run to increase my energy. Um, not so much. My body feeling so tired is actually a sign that it needs more rest, not more running. Groundbreaking stuff, guys 😉 I do think that running and working out generally increases energy though, so how can we tell when we need more rest rather than more working out?

I think this article with 10 signs that you need a rest day is super helpful:

Number 5 is very true for me:

image2   I always feel ready to go after a good rest day and not only physically revived, but mentally revived too.

image3 ( From )


So: How do you know when your body is needing a rest day? 

Do you do any exercise on your rest day? – I often want to do yoga but inevitably I get too into it and I don’t think it is really a full rest day if I have done a thousand chaturangas and planks. Now I try to save yoga for my easy days (not that yoga is actually easy haha) or for after a run when I want a good stretch.

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9 Responses to The one with the importance of rest days

  1. Jessica says:

    whatt. runners shave their legs.? haha I guess I never got the memo. lol
    but for reals, that is ground breaking stuff. I used to be the same way.. Without rest days, my none rest days start to suck and my body can never catch up to what I’m asking from it.
    Great blog post.!! Rest days are definitely important.! 🙂

    Like I mentioned, I was thinking about doing yoga on rest days.! thanks to your inspiration. lol

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  2. Nursing an injury. Nope. Not me. 😉 I gotta run one more day – then I’m off on a ski trip so my foot will rest!


  3. Liv @ Healthy Liv says:

    I always love Runner’s World articles 🙂 And if they say it, it has to be true. More rest days for us!


  4. I agree about the yoga on a rest day..if I do it at home I can still count it as a rest day but not if I go to a class because I always work too hard!


  5. Tess says:

    Good Lord. If shaving my legs made me faster I’d be incredibly speedy. I shave every day. alas, no.

    I definitely recognize the need for a rest day and I think I’m overdue for one. 🙂 thanks for the reminder~


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