The one with yoga and pms

I really think the below attractive selfie really captures how we all sometimes feel. You know what I’m talking about ladies. That once a month-ish feeling of I want to cry about everything/rip my arm off and throw it at you/rip it off and eat it because I am so hungry no matter what I do. And then cry because I no longer have an arm and I am still hungry.



I think it is really important to talk about this kind of fun stuff more often so we can all feel less crazy about whatever is going to on for us at this time.

One thing that I find really helpful during this lovely time, is yoga. Okay, I find yoga amazing all the time, but when I am in particular need of some self-care and feel good endorphins, it really does make a huge difference to do even a short yoga sesh.



I think this video is so gorgeous, in particular because of two things Sarah Beth (that makes it sound like I know her, ha) says.

1) Remember that pms tends to shine light on the biggest insecurities in your current life.

This was a big light bulb moment for me. I’ve kinda been aware of how I focus on more negative stuff around that time, but to hear it put into a nutshell like that, about how our insecurities get bigger around this time, makes sooo much sense. This has been such a great realization for me because it works in reverse as well: for example, during that time I start getting a little obsessive about how I’m the youngest in my MA program and how I have to do well to prove myself and OMG maybe I’m not up to the task?!

This is just a magnified version of that little bit of a vulnerability for me. By realizing that I can start exploring why it is something that makes me feel insecure and maybe come up with some strategies to help myself deal with it.

Sarah Beth also says:

2) What you focus on expands. We have a choice in what we focus on.

This is also such a good point. By putting so much mental energy into things that are negative, I do not feel any better. BUT, I actually have control over this. By being aware of my thoughts and stopping them in their tracks when they start being negative nancies, using logic to reason with negative thoughts, practicing kindness to myself, and simply using distractions can all help with this. I would rather focus on things that make me happy, like:

-My Polly Pocket collection (this is the tip of my Polly Pocket collection iceberg, people). I promise it is normal for a 24 year old to still think Polly Pocket is awesome.


-All the lollies in the world:



-These pigs that I really need in my life right now and that make me happy whenever I look at how they are prancing on the beach:


(Photo from here: )


And fireworks going off as I do my yoga session on the balcony. Thank you Sydney, way to make a girl feel appreciated and badass.



As Sarah Beth says in the video, now is the time to be a little kind to ourselves:



Paint your toenails (or force your bestie to do it, lucky girl 😉 ):



And treat yourself to froyo despite your student budget.

Okay, she only says the first one but I added the other two because I am smart like that 😉

This place called Anita’s in Sydney is incredible- you buy a cup of froyo (small medium or large) and then you can have unlimited toppings all night long as long as you still have froyo in your cup. Ps I am sorry but I never know which part of the camera I am supposed to be looking at in photos. Let’s pretend I am doing the sexy-gazing-off-into-the-distance thing rather than the I am not that smart-and-don’t know where to look in photos thing. 



This was round number two of toppings. It took dedication to plow through all that sugar but I am a goal-orientated person and I succeeded. 



Now is the time to remind ourselves how awesome we are in all our womanly-ness no matter how hairy our arms may be. Wait that’s probably just me who had super hairy arms. And because it is a little hard to remember sometimes, if you need a stamp to remind yourself, that is fine too.




What do you do to feel better when you are feeling low/have pms?

Do you still do your workout/run or do you take time off? -I will still run if I am really mentally needing an endorphin fix but often yoga makes me feel better than a run does at this time.

About kiwiyogirunner

I'm a kiwi girl travelling the world and staying grounded through yoga and running! Come hang out and be besties with me while I attempt to navigate my crazy life :) For more details check out my About page!
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6 Responses to The one with yoga and pms

  1. TechChick says:

    Wow, unlimited toppings? I would go crazy with that deal!
    Once again, so on the same page with this situation too. I’m in the know on this topic this week. (TMI!) I think it helps me feel better to workout and for me I actually feel like I have a bit more power during “that time”. Also feels like I could eat a ton of food because my body needs more fuel. I know, odd.
    Great advice about attitude. Since I’ve been blogging I feel like I just rant about stuff, but I guess it’s just because I am quick tempered like that. I don’t hang on to it, and I have to express it. My boss tells me she likes to get my opinion because I tell her what I really think. I guess that’s a good thing 🙂 Above all, I keep a postive attitude because it really does matter.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Crazy right? I did probably go a little overboard with it, the amount of sugar I consumed was difficult even for me to process. Haha I wondered if this whole post was TMI, but then I chose to ignore that and hope my dad and bf don’t read it! I don’t want to bow down to the idea of TMI 🙂 I totally agree with you about the fuel thing, I try to remind myself my body is working hard and that it needs to be facilitated in doing so. I think it’s a great thing to be able to get things off your chest like that! It’s about being real. Plus honestly I don’t find your blog ranty at all, just honest and awesome! And you are so right, I feel much better when I try to keep positive even when my hormones are telling me that I must be gloomy no matter how great my life is. It makes such a difference 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Jessica says:

    sad face. haha.
    and I totally agree, it’s been a couple years since I’ve gone through that, but why does that time of the month just make us freak out about everything.!! haha.
    omg. haha. polly pocket. lmao.

    and you have such an awesome friend.!! painting your toe nails even.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know right? Like my rational mind is like well this is silly, I have nothing to be sad about, but pms is for realsies and can be very convincing! Hahaha is polly pocket still around? My ones are old school but I think they changed it now… Malia is probs still a little young for it right?
      Haha seriously, she is amaaaazing 🙂 like the most selfless and kind person ever- case in point: getting up close and personal with my feet! That is friendship haha 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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