The one with the most frosting you have ever seen on a mini-wheat

Let’s keep this short and sweet. I may have had a wee bit of a late night yesterday (okay, it was 3am) hanging out with some of my co-worker friends and just so you know, getting that little sleep and then going to a three hour intense group therapy-esque class and then doing a waitressing shift does not feel particularly spectacular.

I am pretty proud of my Irish Princess St. Patrick’s day crown though. Some customers gave these to us and I really think it finishes my look.



The things that made me happy despite feeling like death all day were:

The most frosting EVER on any mini-wheat ever discovered. How beautiful is that?



A frangipani on my way to class. I took the smelling the roses thing a whole step further and took a photo.



My blue nail polish. It has extended upwards from my toes and is now making me happy closer to where I can see it.



Skype yoga with bestie. We are taking it to a whole new level now. Obsessed, yes. Okay with it, yes.



We did this video from Sarah Beth, and it was just what the doctor ordered.


What was something that made you happy today? 

Fave flower? – Sunflowers and then daisies.

Did you celebrate St. Patrick’s day? 

About kiwiyogirunner

I'm a kiwi girl travelling the world and staying grounded through yoga and running! Come hang out and be besties with me while I attempt to navigate my crazy life :) For more details check out my About page!
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10 Responses to The one with the most frosting you have ever seen on a mini-wheat

  1. runsaltrun says:

    Awwww I love your blue polish and your crown! You are the cutest! I literally just laughed out loud at that mini wheat. Hilarious!

    My favorite flower is daisies. Love them!

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    • Haaha aww thank you!! That mini wheat was the highlight of my life haha. I LOVED the minion you made for betty in your blog btw! I am still thinking about it haha I am obsessed too 🙂 yay someone else who loves daisies! I feel like they often get overlooked but they are so gorgeous!


  2. Sally says:

    U are the sweetest 😉 thankyou for the most amazing skype-yoga.. Hahaha..
    Fave flowers? Hmm…. Roses n lavender 😉

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  3. Blue nail polish is my favorite, but I’m not brave enough to put it on my fingers!

    Tulips are one of my favorites, and they just started blooming here!

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    • Haha for some reason I felt like with my black waitressing clothes I could get away with it. It brightened up the look somewhat! 🙂 I love tulips, I’m half Dutch so I have to! 🙂


  4. TechChick says:

    I wondering if St Patrick’s day was a holiday there. It was kind of a non event at our house. In the past years the leprechaun has left treats and made some slightly bad mischief, but this year I just wasn’t prepared and the kids didn’t mention it, so that worked out!
    Tulips are my favorite!

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    • I feel like it’s something that some people go out and party for, but I have never been one of those people! It seems to be a bigger deal in oz than in nz! That’s so cute that you had a leprechaun in previous years! 🙂


  5. Jessica says:

    I like your tiny flower ring. soo cute.
    I did not celebrate St. Patricks day, unless you count laying on the couch celebrating. haha. and idk if I have a favorite flower. hmm.

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