The one with my Friday Favourites

I feel like the weeks are absolutely flying by at the moment. The essays are starting to pile up for uni, I am working a decent amount especially on the weekends, and between running again and my yoga obsession I am a busy little bee 🙂 I love being busy and often feel like I am most productive when I have multiple things on the go- it’s when I have too much time before an essay is due that I start procrastinating. Luckily my uni profs seem to have taken this into account and have given me a thousand essays to do 🙂

Anyway, it feels like five seconds have passed since my last Friday Favourites post, but here we go again, these are my favourite things of the week that have been floating my little boat a whole lot:

-Manuka honey face cream. I have very dry skin and love me a good rich moisturizer. Manuka honey from my amazing homeland is incredible, has a million health benefits and smells divine. Thanks for this Mum 🙂



-You know how Apple products come in the most beautiful clean white packaging? Whenever I have gotten a new Apple product I have been loathe to throw that shizzle in the bin. When I got my new computer charger a few weeks ago I had a brainwave- I can use the box for my everyday makeup staples! Innovation at it’s finest guys 😉



-My new watch. The owner of the restaurant I work at is possibly the most generous person I have ever met, and on return from his trip overseas he gave me this watch. I LOVE huge watches on girls and so I am completely obsessed with it. Plus the strap matches my handbag. This makes me really, really happy; I love me some matching. 



-You knew this post was going to include cereal of some kind right? Not a morning goes by when I don’t wake up to cereal. Also on days that I don’t work I don’t get free food from the restaurant, so let’s be honest here, cereal is a regular dinner staple for me too.



-I have been reading Dream Yoga since I left Canada (intermittently) and it is amazing. I am a HUGE dreamer, usually having at least three vivid dreams a night, and so I’m excited to read something new on the topic, especially if it helps me with any nightmares. 



-Speaking of books, listening to Mindy Kaling’s autobiography when I am running is my new obsession. I don’t know why I didn’t get on the audio book bandwagon sooner- this is like combining two hobbies in one for me, reading and running. I feel like my intelligence level is about to go way up.



-Skyping with my bestie. Yes, this is still pretty much a daily thing. With my family and most of my close friends in NZ, my bestie in Indonesia…. Skype is kindof my favourite thing ever. 



-Studying in bed. Full disclosure guys, this is the best thing ever about being a student. Never mind the whole “enriching my knowledge” thing, studying in bed is where it’s at. Ps I know my collarbone looks a little bit weird in this pic but it was just the way I was sitting, I promise it doesn’t usually look like that.




What are some of your Friday Favourites? 

Have you heard of Weet-bix before? -This is like NZ’s staple breakfast food.

Do you listen to audiobooks while you run? Which ones? 

How often do you dream? 


About kiwiyogirunner

I'm a kiwi girl travelling the world and staying grounded through yoga and running! Come hang out and be besties with me while I attempt to navigate my crazy life :) For more details check out my About page!
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18 Responses to The one with my Friday Favourites

  1. Jessica @ VEGGIE RUNNING MOMMA says:

    I’ve never heard of weet-bix. Looks way too healthy to be American. Haha. We need all sorts of sugar on ours. Lol.
    And I really wanted to do the whole audio books thing, because I used to love to read, and I love podcasts, so I figured I’d love that.!! But I could never decide on a book.. so I never did it. Ha
    Just realized… I say never too much. Hmm. Lol


    • Yeah it’s funny to me, I never thought of cereal as that unhealthy cos we have lots of healthy ones down under! Then I started reading blogs etc and everyone is like cereal is eviiiiiil 😮 Weet bix are super healthy, when I was little and had a huge appetite every day I used to eat six in one sitting! LOl!
      I am the least technologically capable person ever, seriously. Setting up this blog gave me like ten grey hairs cos I just do not have the brain for that kind of thing. So if I can work the audiobooks, you definitely can! have you seen the hunger games? Those books are awesome and super easy to listen to, I would totally go for that if youre into that kind of book! 🙂 Haha nah you say never just the right amount, never is an important word right? 🙂 I might say right too much…

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jessica @ VEGGIE RUNNING MOMMA says:

        haha yea. cereal can be healthy and unhealthy.! just like everything else for the most part. omg you cereal lover.!! I used to be the same way. haha.
        and I agree.! Setting up a blog was hard work. and I’ll defenitly have to try out audiobooks.! I’ve already seen the hunger games though :/ need something fresh I haven’t seen already.


      • Haha so true! I adore cereal but usually the more healthy ones that are nice and filling. I’ve heard the Divergent series of books are really good but I haven’t tried them yet!

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  2. I’ve never listened to audiobooks when I run (mostly because I’ve never taken the time to figure it out) but I’m intrigued! Do you buy them on iTunes?


  3. I’m glad you figured out the audiobooks! They don’t work great on my iPod Shuffle because sometimes it forgets where I stopped in the middle of a book section (the books are broken into several MP3 files) and I’ll have to relisten to the same stuff again, but still, they are enjoyable. So I usually only install one of them at a time so I don’t get confused! Anyhow, I’ve listened to the Hunger Games and a couple excellent books on running: Born to Run, and The Long Run. Both very inspiring books!
    I don’t seem to dream that often lately. Maybe I’m too tired!!


    • That’s what I find happens with mine too, I just try to make a point of checking where I am in the book when I stop it! Not always easy to remember during a run though haha. Those running books sound amazing, I should definitely look into getting them for some running inspiration! That’s awesome that you’re not dreaming too much, sometimes when I wake up I feel completely scattered from so much dreaming!


  4. Tess says:

    I’m a huge dreamer, I’m totally going to check out that book. Thanks 🙂


    • It’s really great! I would highly recommend it for getting more in touch with your dreams and learning how to take back the control a little bit, to sum up some of the book 🙂 I actually had a very vivid dream last night about a friend I haven’t heard from in a while, and woke up to an email from them! So funny when things like that happen!


  5. babycrowyoga says:

    Weetbix are great and much nicer than the UK equivalent! You know I love audiobooks too – not so good for listening to during yoga practice as running tho 😉


  6. btw, congrats to Curtis! What does he do / what’s his line of work?


    • Thank you so much! 🙂 He is primarily a musician but this is a full time landscaping job which will be perfect for saving up to take me out when he is here 😉 Just joking, but seriously, its a great opportunity for him and will probably help him find work down under too!


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