The one with the post-injury trauma memories

Making a heart on your porridge means that you are going to have a really nice day, FYI.

Heart porridge

I started off with a tiny run around the city because I knew it was going to be a full-on day at uni and I wanted to mentally prepare myself. I personally think it was very admirable of myself to get out in the below mistiness when I could very easily have stayed in bed (seriously, you people who get out of bed at 5am and run in the snow etc, you are my heros).


It ended up raining during my run so I kept it short for three reasons: 1) I didn’t want my phone to get wet (I have my priorities straight right 😉 ), 2) It was much more of a mental health run than a physical health run, and 3) I was really scared of slipping and re-spraining my ankle.



Ever since I sprained my ankle for the second time recently, I keep having weird flashbacks to spraining it. I have a very vivid imagination (which is partially why I think I have such crazy dreams) and when I am running I can literally sometimes almost see and feel myself tripping on something and spraining it again and it Also when I am at work there is a little ledge we stand on around the bar and I keep having visions of twisting my ankle off that and sometimes it makes me feel physically a little sick.

Anyway, this has been tripping me out since I started running again (what a pun right) and so I looked up injury in athletes and found a very interesting article on it. We will just call me an athlete for the sake of this 😉

It said:

“After a physical or emotional trauma, these instinctive bodily reactions to fear can get unconsciously triggered whenever the athlete is in certain stressful, performance situations reminiscent of the original trauma. When the athlete either consciously thinks back to the trauma or is unconsciously reminded of it, he doesn’t just call up a visual memory. Instead, he “re-experiences” the trauma emotionally and physically. At times his/her experience can be so vivid that it feels as if the athlete is actually going through the experience all over again.

That is EXACTLY what has been happening! So bizarre to see it written like that. There is a specific therapy for it which I enjoyed reading about, EMDR, but I really don’t think my situation is severe enough to worry too much about it, I’m not exactly off to the olympics anytime soon 😉 Even so, it was really useful to know I wasn’t just imagining things and going a little (more) cray cray.

The article did say that to get past this one needs to identify and correct the negative thoughts from the injury, for example, by reminding oneself that “That’s in the past and I’m safe now.” This is what I am going to whisper to my ankle every day from now on and remind her she is a rockstar and I am not going to mangle her on any more driftwood or curbs of the road from now on. I am also going to keep up with daily Tree poses to strengthen both my ankles up and help myself have more faith in them.


That was a beyond awkward photo to take and I know the neighbors definitely think I’m crazy now. PS How beautiful are the colours on my shoe? I seriously think that if a mermaid grew legs, this is the shoe she would want to walk on dry land for the first time.


Moving on, I did a little post run yoga and then gapped it to uni where I took the below photo somehow without realising it, scary stuff. You are welcome for me sharing that with you, it is highly artistic I know 😉


The wellness centre at my uni is soooo nice. They had these books and magazines just chillin’ on the coffee table for students to read. I felt like they had checked out my interests specifically before I came in. 

image image Between working on an assignment with a friend in the morning and a three hour class in the afternoon, today was pretty full on, but awesomely so. Some parts of this course are emotionally gruelling (um, baring your soul to your classmates and giving and receiving counselling), but that is also what I love about it- I definitely feel like I am learning a lot about both the subject and about myself. Fun times 🙂

Dinner was this gorgeous creation. I know I know, it looks so beautiful and gourmet. Seriously, masterchef, why am I not winning you? Eaten on bed before a few episodes of Friends and then (bedtime yoga and) beddy-bye.



What did you have for dinner today? And breakfast? – I am nosy 🙂

Have you ever experienced post injury trauma memories? What did you do about it? 

Do you run in the rain? 

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I'm a kiwi girl travelling the world and staying grounded through yoga and running! Come hang out and be besties with me while I attempt to navigate my crazy life :) For more details check out my About page!
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2 Responses to The one with the post-injury trauma memories

  1. I love to run in the rain. We get a lot of it here in Manchester, so there is often the opportunity to head out into the rain and get wet.


  2. I haven’t had dinner yet, but I had oatmeal like I pretty much always do 🙂 I like the heart on yours! Did you top yours with yogurt, too? And yes, I pretty much always run in the rain! I almost always prefer that over the treadmill, and once I get myself out there, it’s kind of fun!


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