The one with two EXCITING pieces of news and ego yoga

I was highly tempted to go running this morning but I have been feeling a little under the weather, fighting a sore throat (which is always an indicator that I am about to get a nasty flu), and so I refrained and instead drank a few giant cups of herbal tea, wore a scarf, and dressed extra warm for uni because the air-con in there is out of control.


I don’t remember how I survived -30 degrees Celsius in Saskatchewan…



And on an AWESOME note, my incredibly smart sis is graduating today! Double degree in law and science, her brain is scary huge. I am so proud of her, it was definitely a lot of work and now it is time to celebrate that!!! I wish I could be in NZ celebrating with you hun, but I am thinking of you and we will make up for it next time I’m in NZ! I’m thinking with another incredible road trip, getting lost like last time = compulsory 😉


In other slightly less awesome but still pretty cool news ( 😉 ), the below biscuit is what got me through my three hour class today. Visualizing that bad boy worked for half the class and reliving the eating of it worked for the second half.


After class bestie and I went back to the yoga studio (we are still on our two week trial but I have only been once because of my work/uni schedule clashing with it). Vinyasa baby. The hardest pose ever for me:


The class was definitely the most physically challenging one I have done in a while, it had a zillion balance poses in it which just about destroyed both my ankles (and by destroyed I mean made them stronger after spraining them a thousand times).

It was definitely a good ego yoga class for me- when wobbling like crazy in every single balance pose I kept having the urge to let the teacher know I had sprained my ankle two months ago….ummmm not necessary and simply me wanting to make myself look better/like less of a balancing fail. Not really the point of yoga 😉 I refrained and it was a great practice and a good reminder of being careful not to get caught up in competitiveness during asana practice.

After class tea at the yoga studio:


And chips while waiting for the train on the way home to refuel (although bestie wouldn’t let me have any cos apparently she thinks they are not good for a sore throat but I think she just didn’t want to share 😉 ):



What is the coldest place you have ever been? – Minus 50 degrees celsius with windchill in Saskatchewan, Canada. Ouch.

How do you fend off a cold? Have you ever heard of chips being bad for a sore throat? Please side with me and not my bestie 😉  My methods for avoiding a cold = wearing a scarf, drinking tea, eating healthy food… please give me some more specific tips 😉

Do you feel competitive during yoga practice? How do you deal with it? 


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I'm a kiwi girl travelling the world and staying grounded through yoga and running! Come hang out and be besties with me while I attempt to navigate my crazy life :) For more details check out my About page!
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15 Responses to The one with two EXCITING pieces of news and ego yoga

  1. babycrow says:

    huh, do I ever feel competitive during yoga? yes! every. single. practice. And this is competitive with myself, not with anyone else. always wanting to be ‘better’s somehow than the last time. How do I deal with this? not sure, it’s a work in progress. Trying to be mindful of ahimsa and satya. Taking a break in child’s pose when I notice I’m striving after something. For me that’s just the practice. I don’t know that I’ll ever be any different….

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    • Me neither! It sounds like you’re in like the management stage of it though 🙂 I definitely found myself actively trying to listen to my body and where I should be at in the practice (especially cos it was one of those classes with the teacher saying more! Push harder! Etc…— not exaclty in alignment with what I think yoga is about…) Reining in the striving side of my personality which is so hard to do sometimes 🙂 A great practice for me in terms of all the things I learnt from it.

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      • babycrow says:

        very wise yogini if you can learn from a class even then you’re not a one with the teacher! I flip out if I practice with a teacher who is on the whole ‘push harder’ thing. hmm, must practice being less judgmental!…


      • It’s sooo hard… I kept thinking, that is where she is at, that is not where you need to be at… Focus on yourself Jessie 🙂

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  2. Jason says:

    That is really cold!! I’ve been in -32C in Watertown, New York – and I regularly run in -23C because that’s just how cold it is here during the winter – but that doesn’t even compare!

    And I can totally relate because my office only has two temperatures in Spring/Summer/Fall – they are freezing and broiling!


    • Wow you run in -23?!?! That’s crazy! Do you lungs hurt doing that? Even going for a walk outside in -16 was really hard for me. Yes, some airconditioning is crazy! I am sure that’s why I’m getting a cold right now!

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  3. Just voted for Curtis! Ooh, do you call “biscuits” what we call “cookies”? Our “biscuits” are like breakfast rolls!


  4. TechChick says:

    Oh man, I hope that cold doesn’t get worse. I know that feeling 😦
    I’m thinking the chips won’t help you.. but if you are willing to give them a try with a sore throat, go for it!!


  5. Isabel says:

    Omg I loved your page beautiful, it’s very interesting and entertaining to read.. ❤️ Hope Curtis wins 😬 fingers crossed


  6. I don’t feel competitive during yoga, as there is no point – everyone is better than me haha. But I do sometimes feel a big jealous about how much more flexible everyone is. It just gives me something to work towards though.


  7. Tess says:

    Nope. I don’t feel competitive. I’m the least competitive person ever. I just like a great stretch. Great job for Curtis! I definitely voted!
    And so excited for your sister! That is so…intimidating! And also impressive!
    As for cold…I think the coldest I’ve ever run is -15*F so that’s what in Celcius?? Let me convert…hang on a minute…
    Okay. Looks like -26 celcius? Is that right? But when we’re in winter and it’s 0* or -5* degrees for the norm (looks like -15* to -17* celcius) that’s pretty normal for me. I’ll run in that fairly regularly. I way prefer the cold over the hot.


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