The one with Friday Favourites: NZ music edition

I have come to realise over time that sometimes when I say to people I am a kiwi, they look at me weird and think I mean the fruit, kiwifruit. Ummm, no. I mean I am a New Zealander, and we call ourselves kiwis because of our super adorable native bird and nation icon, the kiwi:

Kiwi bird

(Image from here)

I feel like I needed to clear that up because how random would it be if my blog name was Kiwi(fruit)yogirunner? More random than I meant it to be anyway.

So speaking of my awesome country which I miss very much and cannot wait to say hello to again ASAP, I wanted to do a little post on my fave NZ music instead of the standard Friday Favourites of every random thing in my life that is making me happy. Don’t worry guys, the complete randomness will be back again next week.

#1 To start off with: Lorde. You all know Lorde right? Royals? Super famous grammy winning kiwi girl from ma hood? She is awesome. We are all pretty darn proud of her because we are a small country and kiwis who do stuff like win grammys are pretty impressive. I LOVE all of Lorde’s songs (although honestly Royals has been way overplayed and I do not want to hear it again for at least a year), but three of my absolute favourites are:



Tennis Court:


Buzzcut Season:


#2 Bic Runga. I am pretty sure every kiwi knows who Bic Runga is, and she is AWESOME. It feels like I have been listening to her my entire life.



Beautiful collision:


#3 Dave Dobbyn: Loyal. This song is a hugely iconic song in NZ, and when we hosted the America’s Cup (which is a huge deal with us kiwis), this song was the theme song. I sang it a thousand songs at primary school and it always brings me back to that time in the best way.


#4 Split Enz. Hugely successful NZ band with a whole lot of great songs.

Six Months in a Leaky Boat:


#5 Howard Morrison Quartet: My old man’s an All Black. A parody of “My old man’s a dustman”, this song was a humourous way of protesting the All Black team being selected with no Maori members in it back in the day. It was actually recorded in the town where I was born and they had to lock the doors to the town hall to stop people from leaving… I promise it’s a good humourous song though 🙂 and definitely a part of NZ history.


#6  Brooke Fraser. I was obsessed with Brooke Fraser during my tweens and this song was HUGE at that time.



I also love this song of hers, Albertine:


#7 Blam Blam Blam: There is no depression in New Zealand. I don’t really listen to this song but I had to include it cos it’s pretty famous and I kindof just think the song title is awesome.


#8 Finally, NZ’s unofficial National Anthem: Pokarekare ana, sung by NZ’s Dame Kiri Te Kanawa. I also like this version because you can hear the NZ wildlife in the video 🙂


Dad, if I forgot someone important, I am very sorry and I promise I will amend the list with your approval 🙂

What is a famous/fave song from where you live? 

About kiwiyogirunner

I'm a kiwi girl travelling the world and staying grounded through yoga and running! Come hang out and be besties with me while I attempt to navigate my crazy life :) For more details check out my About page!
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9 Responses to The one with Friday Favourites: NZ music edition

  1. Jessica @ VEGGIE RUNNING MOMMA says:

    haha. When I first started to read your blog I thought that Kiwi meant the fruit. I knew you were random..but that random.? haha. but later after reading several posts I realized what it meant. lol
    US, we’re all about the cussing and explicit lyrics. haha. jk jk. kind of.?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The first time I read your blog, I definitely thought of the kiwi fruit, too! Even once I realized you were from New Zealand, it took me a little bit of time to figure out the kiwi part of your blog tittle hahaha 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Pa says:

    Off the top of the old noggin, the only possible icon I can think of would be Don McGlashan & The Mutton Birds – Dominion Road. Always a shout out from the Homelands Hun.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. TechChick says:

    What, this is not about fruit? But seriously, have you even been really close to a kiwi bird? Do you see them around in everyday life, or just in the zoo? They are beyond adorable!! We have the bald eagle in the US, and I hear they actually live around our area! I’ve seen eagles around here but not sure if they are the “bald” ones.


    • Haha really? Please say you knew my blog wasn’t about fruit 🙂 We do have them in the wild but firstly they are nocturnal (and small), so you wouldn’t be likely to see them, and secondly they are endangered so there are a lot of programs working to keep them alive. I have seen them in the zoo heaps of times and they are soooo cute and chubby! 🙂 I think the bald eagle is the one with the white head right? I guess it’s hard to see from the ground though! You and your fam need to come visit Oz and NZ asap for the koala bears and kiwi birds 🙂


      • TechChick says:

        I can how that would make it hard to see kiwi birds in the wild! The more I read about your beautiful countries, the higher up it gets on my bucket list of places to visit!

        Liked by 1 person

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