The one with yoga mantras

Lately I have noticed myself feeling grumpy at work. This may seem like no big deal but usually I am one of those annoying people who seems like they just snorted rainbow glitter while riding a unicorn, ie., I am usually weirdly happy and excited about life even when I am serving food to people when, quite frankly, I would rather be eating it.

Fluffy unicorn

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After about .2 seconds of self reflection I realised this is because a) it is the end of semester and the multiple essays I am writing are floating around in my brain 24/7 and not making me feel particularly peaceful, and b) the novelty of being back at work (after my glorious two month holiday, sigh) has finally worn off and I am remembering that work is not always fairies and rainbows and customers sure can be mean.

I have therefore decided to take action. I cannot simply reply on my usual upbeatness to get me through a shift in which SHIZZLE goes down and customers make me want to do very un-yogi like things like tear out my hair with frustration.


(From HERE)

So, I am whipping me out some mantras. I used to be really into mantras a few years ago when I read Miranda Kerr’s (Australian Victoria’s secret supermodel) book, Treasure Yourself. Yes it is aimed at 13 year old girls but let’s be real here, that is pretty much where I’m at mentally and so it really resonated with me. Miranda is a yogi and is big on mantras and affirmations and has a whole bunch of them in her book that I regularly try to remind myself of during stressful situations, eg: I am a being of love and light.

Miranda Kerr Treasure Yourself

Now, I know some of you are probably throwing up in your mouths a little right now, but please bear with me. I know it sounds a bit sappy. And a bit new-agey. And a bit crazy-yogi-hippy-annoying-rainbowsnorter-person-ey.

But we can talk about it in another context if you like. Cognitive behavioural therapy, ie. one of the most used and effacious therapies out there, would simply put this as reframing your thoughts in order to change your mood (and make your life a more fun place… Okay, those are my words). That doesn’t sound too annoying right?

I really believe that our thoughts make up most of our world and so when we change our thoughts we change that world. Tell yourself that you are happy to be working and you will feel happier at work. Tell yourself that you are enjoying waitressing and you will enjoy it. Tell yourself that you are excited to run that hill/lift those weights/crush that workout and you will do an even better job of it and have fun too. Tell yourself you can give that new yoga pose a try (gently) and you will probably nail it. Tell yourself that you are a being of love and you will radiate that love to everyone that you meet.

I love this mantra in Sanskrit as explained on Mind Body Green:


I am going to be telling myself I LOVE waitressing and reminding myself of all the awesome perks there are with it (seriously there are lots of perks) and that I am so lucky to have a job and that I am a being of love and light and I am gonna shine that on all the customers I encounter (and maybe blind the mean ones with my light just a little bit 😉 ).

 So: Do you use any mantras? In running or in life? 

Have you heard of Miranda Kerr?– She is a goddess. Can someone please say they’ve read her book so I feel more normal? 🙂


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I'm a kiwi girl travelling the world and staying grounded through yoga and running! Come hang out and be besties with me while I attempt to navigate my crazy life :) For more details check out my About page!
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14 Responses to The one with yoga mantras

  1. TechChick says:

    Miranda who? Just kidding. She’s beautiful! But I have not read her book. I think the last book I actually read was “What to expect when you’re expecting”, and that was the end of my book reading career! haha Ironically I was just talking about a similar concept this morning to my husband. I told him about my coworker who is always having some sort of crisis in her life and complaining about everything. I think a lot of it has to do with her attitude. As for me, I put that smile on as I finished Boston in pain and I think it worked! It’s all about the attitude. Hang in there!! …and some times, you just can’t avoid it – gotta work to pay the bills, so make the best of it 🙂


    • How old is Sydney? It’s directed more towards tweens/teenage girls so I am not sure if everyone would like it 😉 It had a big impact on me a few years ago though! Thats so funny!!!! I’ve heard that book is really good though?? Did it tell you to expect not to be able to read again post-kids because they are so full on? 🙂 My mum says they same, no more reading after we came along!
      You are so right, it is all about the attitude! And yeah definitely work is a reality and also a privilege! Have you seen The Pursuit of Happyness?? I always think of that guy and how he was soooo desparate for a job and about others in real life like him.


      • TechChick says:

        Sydney is almost 12 years old now (eeek, is that true??). I’ll have to check that book out. As for my reading, I did finish some audio books, and those count, right? I just don’t have the attention span to read books – although ironically I can focus on a run for hours.


  2. Tess says:

    I do love mantras, though I haven’t read her book. And there is nothing normal about you. Just do what you do best and recite away and in your mind mentally write a blog post about how annoying that person was and how you rose above it because you are that awesome person. 🙂


  3. babycrow says:

    lovely post! unicorns and mantras in one – you might have written it just for me! if you didn’t catch them I’ve touched a little on my personal experiences of lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu on my blog:
    I find this increasingly powerful for me right now.
    Long live the unicorns and rainbow-glitter-snorters! x


    • You are so lovely! I LOVE your post, we are so on the same page! ps I have been stalking your blog and reading and learning from your beautiful posts so get ready for a whole lot of comments and questions on them very soon 😉 xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      • babycrow says:

        I’d love that! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed reading. I love your blog too — and I’m not just saying that (satya and all that!) x talk soon!


  4. Jessica @ VEGGIE RUNNING MOMMA says:

    I love the website MindBodyGreen, I visit it often to read motivational things, along with blogs it’s my “go to” motivator for life.
    -rainbowsnorter. hahah love it. you keep snorting it. lol. whatever makes you happy girl.! and I’m weirdly enough, happy to hear that you’re not always super rainbow happy. Mantras are great.! idk if I “use” them, but I definitely read positive things all throughout my day (some job huh.? haha) but it’s really helpful. I’m a really positive person overall.!


    • Its a great website right? So informative but not boring 🙂
      hahahah those rainbows are the best, no comedown too! Yeah I think no one is right? And it’s so important to acknowledge that esp on social media! You seem like such a positive person, I love it!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. horsegaitid says:

    Love the minion quote up there 👆🏻

    “It is only a thought and thought can be changed! Don’t fight your thoughts. Acknowledge them and go beyond them” – Louise Hay

    I read the review of her book after you told me, but most of the comment was like comsicomsa..

    I love that mantra! Lokha samastah sukhino bhavantu.. I am thinking to Ink this mantra at my side ribs when i’m back to indo next 3month!!


    • I love Louise Hay! And so does Miranda 😉 Miranda actually talks about her a lot in her book. Comsicomsa…. maybe the people who read it weren’t yogis 🙂 I loved it!
      Oooooooh that would be such a beautiful tattoo!!!! Exciting!! 🙂 xxxx


  6. Pa says:

    Congrats on reaching the end of the Semester, Yogest, Oldests loading takeoff carbs currently. See you across the ditch directly. Many mighty minions make the world go round. Dizzy Dad.

    Liked by 1 person

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