The one with an embarrassing confession and goal setting

I have always thought of myself as a strong person. Mentally strong like an ox 😉 , but also physically. Hey, I have done my fair share of pump classes and usually fare much better in the strength poses in yoga than I do in the flexibility poses. I’ll have you know, I full on beat some of the boys in my sports science class in a leg press back in my day.



Despite this, all my illusions of being a strong beastie machine were recently crushed when bestie beat me in an arm wrestle. Yes, her arm is the size of a toothpick. Yes, I am deeply embarassed.

So I am taking this as a sign that I potentially need to do more strength training. Like maybe seeing as all those pump classes were over a year ago I probably need to do a little more do keep my strength up now that I am getting beaten in an arm wrestle by a pixie 😉

My strength training goals:

-crush a HIIT strength based workout two or three times a week

-practice doing full push ups (I am pretty sure I have a mental block about this because I can lift okay but the minute I try to do a pressup that isn’t on my knees I fail miserably)

-five minutes planking every day

– and finally the goal I am most excited about: start going to F45 training! Apparently it is kindof a bootcamp style functional sort of workout, I randomly discovered it on the groupon website and then found out they have a free one week trial (like most gyms) and so when I am not sick anymore I am signing myself up to give it a whirl! Hey if it is good enough for Hugh Jackman it is good enough for me 😉 time to bring out my inner wolverine.

Minion wolverine

(Image from here)

I feel like working on my strength is going to be awesome for both my yoga practice  and my running. Veggierunningmomma (check out her awesome blog, she is so sweet and a running MACHINE) did an awesome post recently about goals, and it made me think about my current fitness goals. It’s funny because while I’m super obsessed with goals in terms of uni and life, I don’t tend to make many goals for my fitness cos I don’t like to pressure myself about it. For me personally it usually works better to roll with what feels good for me depending on how my body feels, especially as I’m not training for anything and this approach compliments my yoga really well. Having said that I think having a few specific goals could be fun as something to work on especially while I’m on holiday. Apart from my strength goals above, I also want to:

– start running 10 milers again. I am going to have to work up to this because it has been way too long since I’ve done it and while I’m sure I could crank it out I don’t really want destroy myself for like a week afterwards.

– run around the domain and other parks in sydney, when I walking there recently they were just screaming at me to run in them, they are so beautiful and full of runners and worker-outers.



-keep working on my fallen angel and handstand. I feel like I am on the cusp of becoming more comfortable with both these poses.

handstand-700_4 fallen-angel

(Images from here and here)

-start practicing pranayama (yogic breathing practice). Babycrow (check out her beautiful yoga blog, it is amazing, she just pounds out incredibly deep but relatable posts) and I were talking about how neither of us really get pranayama and how maybe that would change if we did more of it. So bring on May as pranayma month! Not gonna lie, I am not really excited for it which is probably exactly why I need to do it haha. I am planning to start next week because with my flu right now I don’t feel like it is going to feel lovely.

-eat more veggies. Okay this isn’t really a fitness goal but I know it will help with my other fitness goals. I want to pre-make a bunch of veggies every week and add them to the food I get from work because I feel like I will get more nutrition in that way. Having just been sick for the billionth time I feel like maybe I need to start being more on top of this.


I am super excited about all of these and am going to make myself a mini vision board about how to achieve them in small steps because I am obsessed with vision boards and I love seeing all my goals written out on paper. Step number one: recover properly from my flu so I can start getting my wolverine on!


What are your current fitness related goals?

How do you keep track of your goals?

Where are you strongest and what area could you work on? – Like many runners I am strongest in my legs. My upper body strength is embarrassing in terms of push ups and lifting 🙂 Lots to work on!

Can you do full-press ups?– Give me some tips please!

Have you ever practiced pranayama? – I did about two months of it every day during my yoga course but it didn’t really float my boat, let’s see how it goes for round two 🙂


About kiwiyogirunner

I'm a kiwi girl travelling the world and staying grounded through yoga and running! Come hang out and be besties with me while I attempt to navigate my crazy life :) For more details check out my About page!
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13 Responses to The one with an embarrassing confession and goal setting

  1. Jessica @ VEGGIE RUNNING MOMMA says:

    awe yay.!! you gave me a shout out.!! I feel cool, lol, thank you girl. 🙂
    and that handstand.!! soo awesome.! that is a super cool pic.
    Don’t worry..I am the same with upper body strength. I don’t think I can do even 1 push-up, and my arms are literally tooth picks.!! it’s sad. Great goals.! you are going to be even more beast after you accomplish all of those goals

    Ps. you’ll definitely have to take a pic of the falling angel too. that is too cool.!


    • You are super cool, that’s why!! 🙂 That headstand was in NZ, miss our huge empty beaches!
      Okay that totally makes me feel better. Push ups are so hard!! Bring on the beastiness!!! 🙂 Haha I’ll do that, my arms are probably going to be kaput from pushups though. First HIIT strength sesh this morning!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. babycrow says:

    Hey, thanks for the shout out! Deep breath – and bring on the pranayama! Feel better soon x


  3. I haven’t made a specific fitness goal in almost a year! Eek. I started thinking that I don’t like to put pressure on myself fitness-wise, but I definitely don’t think a goal has to cause pressure. Now I just need to come up with one 🙂


    • That is so true! Wise words girl! Remove the pressure and leave behind the fun of the goal! I LOVE goals usually so that totally makes sense 🙂 I’m excited to hear what you come up with!


  4. I’m all about being strong! I love a woman who is on board with that!! haha. I am absolutely terrible at push-ups but you know what they say…the only way to get better is to just keep doing ’em! If you can hold a plank for a full 5 minutes you are a god.


    • That is awesome! So good to know it’s not just me! So true, I will get there!! I usually do planking for 5 minutes but NOT in one whole plank, I would pass out 🙂 I like to do different variations like side plank, reverse plank, and maybe one minute of that thing where you move from your hands to your elbows continuously and shizzle BURNS 🙂


  5. BabetaRuns says:

    It’s quite funny… the more I run and the more I exercise… the more I think I should do more and become stronger. Hmm… 🙂

    When you learn the trick for full press ups, please let me know! I want to know too :))


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