The one with a date with the bestie

We initiated our super classy bestie date with brekkie on the balcony in pjs. That is a homemade latte FYI, just to further showcase our fanciness.

imageOne of my many fave things about living with my bestie- getting ready together. Isn’t there just something so girly and fun about getting dressed and made-up together while talking about all sorts of deep randomness? image

Case in point: mid conversation in which I was convolutedly expressing my innermost feelings, bestie picked up a peice of string off the floor and said “See this string? The curly one represents your thought processes. The straight one represents mine. You think too much Jessie!!!”


And then she drew me a diagram.



I am now trying to not think too much about who is the smarter one in this diagram. Thanks bestie 🙂 I am going to think about this every time I start overthinking every little aspect of my life.

After that enlightening conversation, coffee time. Cheesecake after breakfast? Why not. I am such a great example of a balanced life, I know 😉 In all seriousness though, we were fueling for a whole lot of walking and we had done a 30 min ashtanga session before leaving. I actually do love me a balanced lifestyle, sweat and cheesecake and a little bit of everything in between is what keeps me mentally and physically healthy (aside from the brutal flu I just had, okay, a few more veggies are going to be making an appearance I promise).

I am posing with my new waitressing top, to keep me nice and toastie and non-flu-infected at work. It is not often I buy new clothes, which you probably realise from seeing me in the same thing again and again on the blog, so when I do, I get pretty excited about it 🙂

Some sights from our wanders: 

Ping pong tables for people to play for free in the middle of the CBD. I am assuming you need to bring your own bats, but I think this is really cool. So many fun free things to do in Sydney! 

imageThese amazing bicycle seat thingys where you can cycle to power up your own mobile device. 

image image Sydney Opera house, you will never become any less beautiful no matter how many times I look at you and all your pearly shininess. image


Now get ready for the randomness (HA, as if this post wasn’t all over the place already 🙂 ): a spur of the moment trip to Blacktown. We literally went to the train station, picked a name randomly from the board, and boarded the train. Actually our first pick was Emu Plains (simply cos it sounded awesome and we wanted to know if there are Emus there), but it was too far away for our time frame. 

Blacktown wasn’t anything too special, to tell the truth (okay, there really wasn’t much to see at all), BUT…..

The weather was glorious, we are pretty much having the most amazing autumn ever: image

We ate an incredible burger from a very popular and full-of-people burger place (the hair was driving me crazy at this point so up it went…ahhh bliss):

imageWe discovered the sparkliest store in the world (only $700 for the hugest sparkliest vase known to mankind…yes it is bigger than bestie): imageAs well as an EPIC op shop (what kiwis call a thrift store) which has some seriously awesome and cheap finds. When there is a rack named fur and vinyl you know the store has swag. Not gonna lie, I wanted every one of these (faux) fur coats, in particular the smurf blue one on the left. I don’t know what me not being kidding about this says about my taste, let’s not open that can of worms 🙂image

And we finished the date with apples and peanut butter and a little light reading on CBT (even when I am on holiday from uni, my nerdiness is out of control I know) before work.


Thanks for the amazing date bestie!!


 Where did you go on your last bestie/partner/kids date? 

Have you ever taken the train somewhere random just for fun? Where did you go? -I think next time we need a little more time so that Emu Plains can happen for realsies.

In terms of exercise and diet, are you an all or nothing person or a little bit of everything person? – I am definitely one of those people who does best with a little bit of everything, if I tell myself something is off limits I start craving it like mad, but I have lots of friends who are much more of the “NO cheesecake or else I want it ALL” type. I think both types are great it’s just good to know which you are so you can balance yourself however works best for you 🙂

About kiwiyogirunner

I'm a kiwi girl travelling the world and staying grounded through yoga and running! Come hang out and be besties with me while I attempt to navigate my crazy life :) For more details check out my About page!
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10 Responses to The one with a date with the bestie

  1. Jason says:

    Super cute pictures!! I love that bike phone charger thingy 🙂

    I’m all or nothing if I’m focusing on a big race… once this big race is over though, forget about it!


  2. Sounds like such a fun day with your best friend! I love that you just hopped on a train to see where it’d take you.

    And I love that you call those ping pong “bats.” We always call them ping pong paddles here! And how cool that you can bike away and charge your phone at the same time? So clever!


    • Yeah it was super fun! I love getting to know Sydney on a deeper level even if it is just by going to every random tiny suburb 🙂
      Oh I never even thought about that! How weird! No one here would ever call it a paddle hahaha that is what you use in a canoe in our world 😉


  3. Polly says:

    The bike charger is so neat!!! Never seen one of those!!! Very interesting!

    Oh, yes! Life is about balance! I actually balance with a cupcake here and there! 🙂 Actually have a foot injury at the moment and a cupcake & shopping has been my vice to get through!


    • Neither had I! Sydney is quite up on cool random stuff like that in my expereince 🙂
      Oooh cupcake balancing is totally a great way to go! Awww that’s no good about your injury, I hope it gets better soon! Gonna go stalk you to hear all about it, getting through injuries is hard! You deserve those cupcakes and shopping girl!


  4. Sally says:

    Ahhh sooo sweet of you!! You’re the best, Jessie 😉
    Glad to spend time with bestie after a month workin like a machine!! 😦
    Can’t wait for the next girly date..xoxoxoxox


    • You are the best twinnie ku! Such a fun day! So educational 😉 you deserved a break after so much work! Bring on another date when I pick you up from uni tomorrow… I’ll drive 😉 xxx


  5. Looks like a beautiful day! Those bike chargers are really cool. I’ve never seen those before. I would never tire of looking at the Sydney Opera House either!


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