The one with regaining running mojo

Running mojo is something that has very much been on my mind lately.

Even though this is maybe an exaggeration I have been feeling like whenever my running starts getting to a comfortable happy place, something happens and I then need to start from scratch again. This has been going on since last year (nose surgery, flu, sprained ankle) and this year (flu, sprained ankle, flu). In no way do I want to complain about it because there are WAY worse issues to have, but it has thrown me a little and made me question where my mojo has disappeared to when I do return to running each time. I also don’t want it to be some sort of subconscious excuse thing (but really I love running so I don’t think it is?… studying psychotherapy makes one question everything 😮 ).

You will be relieved to hear that I have since had an EPIPHANY about this. Get excited please 🙂

Every time I have come back to running after a break of more than two weeks I have done a few short runs that didn’t feel great and then one longer run (eg over an hour) that felt horrific (cardio wise) but that I pushed through, and I have realised that it is this one longer run that is the major magic mojo enhancer.

Realising that is super exciting because by reminding myself that every time I have pushed through that run and that as a result subsequent runs feel better and better, I feel way more motivated to push through to that point and start reaping the benefits.


(From here)

So in honour of that epiphany, I strapped on my running shoes and decided that today would be that day. I pimped my phone with a new playlist and headed out the door.

It was a GLORIOUS run. Usually I don’t feel the running endorphins too much until after the run but this time I could totally feel them running through my veins about five minutes in. Fresh music definitely helped, and maybe it is a placebo effect (and if it is I don’t really care anyway, either way I wasn’t complaining) but I really feel like my strength training HIIT workout sessions of the last week made me feel stronger.

There are two morals to this story:

1) Pushing through a few harder workouts is totally worth it because you WILL get back to where you were before


2) Changing your mindset = changing your reality. By deciding today was the day for the beastie run I stopped mentally obsessing about will I/won’t I type stuff and just did it- which also allowed me to just sit back and enjoy it.

Okay there is kindof a third moral too- fresh music is an AWESOME mojo enhancer.

I followed the run with a bit of handstand practice as per my current goals (please excuse the odd socks and pyjama pants and running top awkwardly tucked into them, it was that or flashing you like in the last post and I think that was probably enough for one week).


It still needs a wee bit more work 😉


Bestie serenaded me on the guitar while I did yoga. Yoga + live music = living the dream.


It is endorphin central over here people. While I would love to keep talking (typing?) to you lovelies I am off to my group therapy class, they are definitely going to think it is appropriate for me to be doing some therapy when they wonder why I am so weirdly blissed out and don’t realise that it’s because I did an awesome beastie run and am nicely hopped up on endorphins now.

Where does your running mojo come from? How do you re-find it when you have lost it? 

What have you done after some running setbacks to help regain fitness? – I sweat the HIIT has helped because running moderately feels like heaven compared to feeling like death for 15 minutes of intense interval training.


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I'm a kiwi girl travelling the world and staying grounded through yoga and running! Come hang out and be besties with me while I attempt to navigate my crazy life :) For more details check out my About page!
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17 Responses to The one with regaining running mojo

  1. I have seriously lost my running mojo. If you know where it is, please send it my way 😉

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  2. I’m glad that it just took that one great run for you to get back into the swing of things! New music always gives me such a boost, too. I think also just taking a couple days off from running and not letting myself run just out of habit is really great for making me enjoy it again!

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    • It took the big one but also a few shorter ones leading up to it- otherwise I’d never have been able to finish the big one! I totally agree with that too. Sometimes it is so healthy to listen to your body and your mind and just give it what it needs! 🙂


  3. babycrow says:

    I’m just glad I’m not the only posting pics of my pjs this week! You make me laugh – and I mean that in a very good way! x

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  4. This is exactly what I think of when I think of Nike’s phrase — “Just do it!” haha

    I’m so with you on the fresh music thing…it ALWAYS makes me runs better 🙂

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  5. BabetaRuns says:

    Funny!!! I had a rather shitty run today and was just thinking that maybe I need to take a little break from running…
    And then I thought “no” and I’m going for a 7am running session with the running coach tomorrow morning.

    My problem always is that I can’t tell when I am tired and when I am “just” lazy!

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    • Knowing the difference can be so tricky!! I’ve had breaks where mentally it was just what I needed, and I’ve also had breaks where it was definitely part laziness! Good on you for cranking out that run anyway!! Wooh!

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  6. Polly says:

    Ok, so I owe you a BIG! HUGE! Thank you! I needed to read this post! I have a bum foot lately and doctor orders not to run! Although I have stayed positive for the most part and focusing on other low impact work outs, I have to say that I have been a little down about running and wondering if I am going to be able to get my running mojo back once released by doctor to run……. and you are so right! Mindset is everything! So, I will stay positive and only look forward! Can’t wait to run again!!!

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    • Awww you are so sweet!! You are so gonna come back stronger than ever after this foot thing gets all fixed up! It is SO hard to get sidelined when we all love running so much but in the long run (HA) it actually makes us stronger runners. I sprained my ankle twice in the last year and both times I came back loving running more than ever (once I got past the early horribly unfit-cardio wise stage 😉 ) because it reminded me how much I appreciate being able to run! Sending healing wishes to your tootsie, hope its feeling better asap! xx


  7. It comes and goes, doesn’t it? A new playlist is always a good incentive to me. I’ve got a whole bunch of podcasts I’m waiting to listen to, and that gets me motivated too! I’ve had a few pretty bad runs lately, but one this morning that made me happy.

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    • That’s awesome that this mornings run was good! One good thing about the not great runs is that the good ones feel even better in comparison! 😉 I still need to get into podcasts! They sound awesome for a change!


  8. Jessica @ VEGGIE RUNNING MOMMA says:

    yay.!! I’m glad you found your running mojo.! Sometimes you need a run JUST like that in order to get you going again. I know I’ve been in a little funk lately also… (in my latest post) but to summarize it. basically just have the post race blues. augh. I’ll discover it soon also.
    Nice handstand girl.!!

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    • You totally will rediscover it soon girl! And it’s understandable that after such an amazing race there would be a bit of a come down… Hope you’re taking good care of yourself and treating yourself extra nice during this time! Xx

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