The one with little things that made me proud

It has been another busy week guys. Is it the time of year that everyone is running around like crazy or what?

Sometimes when I get busy I get caught up in what I haven’t accomplished (… laundry… dishes….please don’t judge me although I’ m sure if you saw my laundry pile it would be hard not to). I was thinking about this today and realised what a super weird thought process it is- the fact that I am busy is actually because I am doing more than usual, so why would I get down on myself for the few things I haven’t gotten done?

So, I would like to take a moment to make myself feel good talk about the things I am proud to have been doing.


I am proud to have been making sure to eat LOTS of fruit and veggies. This was one of my goals a few months ago and I am happy to say I am keeping up with it. I know this is something lots of people (esp in the blog world) are awesome at, but I have to admit with my waitressing job and the free food I get I hadn’t been eating quite as many nutrients as I really should. Getting the flu every two months wasn’t fun and so I had the genius idea to eat some more fruit and veg… yeah, I feel way better now. Go figure 🙂


(Please don’t question my hair in that photo… I just don’t know what it is doing sometimes. I managed to crop most of it out for your viewing pleasure).

I have also been drinking less coffee! After feeling really icky with too much caffeine a while ago I have been dialling down my wild ways and living it up with cups of tea instead.


I was proud to crank out two massive assignments this week and just finished a presentation for tomorrow. Every time I hand in an assignment I feel really excited because it is one more step towards graduating next year. I was also proud to start getting some marks back that were totally on track with my goals 🙂


I am super proud that I have still gone for pretty regular runs this week. Sure, some of them have been on the way home from work/uni, but combining running and transport is really the perfect compromise for me when I’m strapped for time. I CRAVE the feeling I get after running even more when I am busy and studying heaps so it is extra important to me to fit this in wherever I can. I have also been doing planks while reading academic articles and I find that trying to hold a plank for the duration of the article makes me really focus properly to get the burn over with as quickly as possible 🙂


Okay this is not exactly something I am proud of, but I am super excited about my new kitchen cloth (I do realise that this may not be the coolest thing to be excited about, but there is no point in me pretending to be cool when really I am not 🙂 ). When I actually do some cleaning with it I will be proud but until them can I just spend a second talking about how awesome it is? It is like plastic but when you wet it and then squeeze it out, it dries like magic! I actually didn’t believe bestie at first when she made me buy it but she is a chef so I assumed she probably knows what she is talking about. Do other people know about these or am I just super behind on things? And no I am not advertising this but yeah it just made me really happy… you know it’s time for a holiday when you get overly excited by things like cleaning cloths.


Finally, random but I am proud to have signed this petition and you are welcome to sign it so you can feel proud too 😉 There are so many goats tethered to the road in NZ and I never really thought about how cruel that is (mostly because usually when I encountered goats they would chase me and so I didn’t have time to feel sorry for the crazy little beasts) but it is actually a horrible life for the poor little guys. Hopefully this is going to come to an end ASAP.

Sad goat

These were mostly little things to be proud of but they made me happy and when I add them all together I feel like I’m pretty awesome 🙂



What were some things (big or small!) you were proud of accomplishing this week? 

What tends to slide when you are busy? …. Laundry. Yikes.

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I'm a kiwi girl travelling the world and staying grounded through yoga and running! Come hang out and be besties with me while I attempt to navigate my crazy life :) For more details check out my About page!
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5 Responses to The one with little things that made me proud

  1. The laundry. It’s a serious situation at my house haha! I hate doing laundry. It’s the first thing I let slide when life gets busy…which is often!


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  3. Sally says:

    Woahhhhhhh what a great post .. Love it so much.. And I’M PROUD to be your bestie 😉 hmmm for me Im proud that I still have so much energy even I’ve been working like a beast this week and great assignment I’ve done ( cos u helped me) hahaha thanks Hun. U are the best!! 😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are TOO SWEET my darling! I am sooo proud to be your bestie too- I know you work like a crazy beastie little animal and I am so inspired by you and proud to be friends with such an amazing go-getter! You are the best!! Hanging out for our date on Wednesday morning- your fave cafe okay? 😜


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