The one with the birthday chair tradition and JUST DO IT

My whirlwind trip to New Zealand had to come to an end. I am now back in da hood in Sydney and back to the work hard play hard grind.

A few (million) things from my last few days in NZ-

-The apple cake recipe from the last post- so easy and so delicious (as my mum has adorably noted down)


(From an old cookbook called Over a Teacup that I can’t find on the internet and therefore am not sure if it actually exists or not). 

-Birthday celebrations (we celebrated my Mum’s for realsies and mine in anticipation of when it actually happens on Sept 27, feel free to mark your planners 🙂 ). How cute are my parentals?!

image-Blowing out cupcake candles

image-Miniwheats with blueberries- YES


-The birthday chair tradition. This is an important tradition in my household in which the birthday person wakes up to a chair decorated according to their unique tastes that they must sit in for every meal of the birthday week. As you can see, my Mum’s chair has mauve (her fave colour) and stars (because she is a star) and mine has yellow (my fave colour) and teddy bears (because I will never grow up even when I turn 25 very soon). It was pretty special to stay up late making a birthday chair with my sis and my dad for my mum who is usually the one doing it for us.

imageA close up of the awesomeness. I woke up .3 seconds before this was taken so please excuse the sleepy/crazy eyes. Feel free to check out my stylin’ slippers though. image-My new salt and pepper shakers. The salt is the chicken and the pepper is the nest. OBSESSED. Refer to the above point about my never growing up.image

-And matching necklaces with my sis


-The rest of my visit included lots of fresh home cooked meals



And lots of yoga.


I notice every time that when I’m not studying every spare moment of the day my yoga practice feels just that bit more calming when I don’t have essays floating around my brain constantly.

This makes sense to me in a way but it’s also weird because I don’t exactly think about my study when I am doing yoga/meditating… maybe it is just maybe more present and harder to detach from. I’m sure lots of people probably experience something similar with their jobs etc as well. I also have a sneaky feeling it is related to my practicing yoga less towards the end of the uni term. I still practice regularly but it is more of a “I SHOULD practice cos then I will feel better” situation rather than when I’m home and I’m excited to practice. When I do practice every day though, it is easier. But it is hard for me to make this happen when I feel like I should prioritise my uni work. I feel like that was maybe the most confusing paragraph I have ever written but in a nutshell, again and again it just comes down to this for me:


I do it, and study feels easier.
I do it, and I feel like I appreciate every moment of my day more. And I do it, and I want to do it more. That’s all there is to it. Just do it (thank you Nike).

Finally, a re-take of the middle earth dwarf airport photo that I have on my About page (need to majorly update that bad boy for anyone who reads it and gets completely confused as to which country I am in).

imageAnd a return home to a sweet welcome back gift from bestie who checked on my place while I was gone. She is an angel.


While leaving my family is always a major ouchie it feels good to be back at my place in Sydney especially while I am on holiday from uni. I feel like I take a major inhale breath whenever I finish a uni term, a mixture of relief and replenishment before the coming term. It was great to be back in the familial nest and now its exciting to be back in my place in Sydney with lots to look forward to in the next little while.

What traditions do you have in your family? – The birthday chair tradition, Christmas presents appearing “from Santa” under the tree even now, morning tea with cake and coffee every day, and sister traditions where me and sis have a special good night poem we say to each other and little songs we sang when we were just little… can you see why I’m obsessed with my fam?

Do you practice yoga/run/workout more or less when you are busy? – General busyness = I do the same yoga practice and running but with uni busyness it is a whole other story…. why is doing grad school SO MUCH STUDY?!? Totally did not think that one through. Good times 😉

Do you get someone to look after your place when you are on holiday? – I have never lived alone before now so I got bestie to come over and check on things because I felt a little unsure about it. Not sure if that is normal or not 🙂



About kiwiyogirunner

I'm a kiwi girl travelling the world and staying grounded through yoga and running! Come hang out and be besties with me while I attempt to navigate my crazy life :) For more details check out my About page!
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10 Responses to The one with the birthday chair tradition and JUST DO IT

  1. Awww, happy birthday to your mom!! So sweet that you got to be with her for her special day 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love the birthday chair tradition! We always tie a helium balloon to the birthday person’s chair, which then stays for a month (when it finally deflates!), but decorating the chair too would be a nice touch. We have to have someone check on our house to take care of our kitties. However, for long camping weekends the kitties have to rough it on their own, with 3 bowls of food. I think they like the break! 😉
    You have a great family!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Love the helium balloon idea!! I am a huge fan of helium balloons, they make me weirdly happy! That’s so cute, it’s like that saying while the cat is away the mice will play but kind of the opposite 🙂 thanks so much, so do you!! I always love seeing your family shenanigans! 🙂


  3. babycrow says:

    Oh you spoil us with so many photos and such lovely sharing of your family time. I feel all warm and fuzzy thinking of you having such a nice visit home. 🙂 Did I say already I loved your blog about running around home turf? I know I did: I just wanted to say it again. Fave post ever!

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  4. My birthday is September 25th! Almost birthday twins 🙂 I definitely run shorter distances when I’m busier because I just can’t seem to carve out/justify carving out a huge chunk of time to run.

    And I love your family traditions. So sweet. You have an awesome family, plus your bestie sounds just like a sister 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Eeee almost birthday twins! Yay! 😍 bestie is definitely like a sister actually we always call each other cici (big sister) and dede (little sister) 🙂 that makes me feel better, I totally do the same! Gotta be realistic right?


  5. I’m all about sweet, special family traditions. This is so, so cute!! You guys are adorable 🙂 I might just have to steal this one day haha. I’ve always wondered how to make a birthday last all week and I feel like this is the perfect way to remind everyone that it’s your WEEK 🙂 Have a great weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw you are totally free to steal it! I am a big fan of celebrating my birthday all week long! I make it happen by scheduling various celebrations with friends throughout the week, it drags it out in the best way 🙂


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