The one with traveling essentials I feel the need to share with you

In general I think I am a pretty minimalist sort of person, I don’t like to use a billion products and I try (key word) to not be too attached to material stuff as much as possible. Nonetheless, when I am on a flight, there is just some shizzle that I NEED. I like to think being from NZ is partially the reason for this- coming from one of the furthest corners of the earth means that the shortest flight to get anywhere is at least three hours, most flights are in the double digits. Being on a 24hr flight with a broken nail- kill me now.


So my top six things that if I do not have on a flight I will be super grumpy and evil eye everyone in my radius despite having only myself to blame =

1) a nail file. Without fail I break at least one nail in the airport. What is that about? I never break a nail in my life and then the one time I am stuck on a plane for multiple hours I rip one to shreds (ew ew ew). Please learn from my mistakes and do not attempt to fly without one. I am a big fan of something non-metal so I don’t get held up going through security and something that I can use to buff my nails when I am bored on the plane, like this one.

2) moisturiser of all types. Hand, hair, face, and lip (balm). I have pretty dry skin in general and the plane air just sucks the life straight out of me, through my skin. This, this,  this, and this are all major faves.


3) ear plugs. Need I say more?

4) a book. OBSESSED with Wild. I saved it for my holidays as a treat and it simultaneously tugs on every one of my heart strings and makes me want to do a massive hike right this minute (major bucket list item for me has always been to do the Camino de Santiago). Not too many books achieve that.


5) Music, preferably a new playlist. I love getting on a flight and cranking some new tunes, there is something just so fresh start to me about that. I am having (yet another) Britney Spears moment and I am choosing not to question it. I also love to turn on some relaxing meditation music and meditate (….or go to sleep to it) on the plane.


6) And finally, warm socks. I am a big wuss when it comes to the cold and my feet are perpetually freezing. Mum, I realise that if I wore fewer stockings and more warm jeans this would be less of a problem 🙂



What are some of your traveling ESSENTIALS?

Last place you travelled to? – New Zealand 🙂

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I'm a kiwi girl travelling the world and staying grounded through yoga and running! Come hang out and be besties with me while I attempt to navigate my crazy life :) For more details check out my About page!
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14 Responses to The one with traveling essentials I feel the need to share with you

  1. I have so many flight essentials its ridiculous. I hate flying so I need as much as I can to make it bearable! Mine include healthy snacks, socks, headphones, a jumper, a big scarf, and a ton of moisturiser.

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  2. I can totally relate – seems like heading to the airport, the morning of a trip, is when the fingernail issues arise!! Everytime. What is up with that?? And yes, hand creme and lip balm are a must. Stay hydrated! I also come armed with at least 6 magazines. I consider my flight time, my “me” time, so I take advantage of just sitting down and reading. I never do that at home, so I actually don’t mind flying. I get caught up!

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  3. Love this! My traveling essential is my coffee pot. I’m dead serious. I have a one cup coffee pot that I bring EVERYWHERE. I can’t deal with bad coffee and I’m a coffee addict!!

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  4. Good snacks are a huge traveling essential for me. The pretzels or peanuts on planes don’t always quite cut it for me haha. On longer flights, I like bringing fresh fruit to eat on the plane, plus a small bag of quick-cooking oats and then asking for a cup of hot water 🙂

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  5. Polly says:

    I try so hard to live a minimalist life style and try hard not to get bogged down with material things, however, I CAN’T seem to do that with my purse or carry on bag!!!!! Sheesh! I try to be ready for every mishap like a broken nail. I am like a survival pro….. there isn’t anything I don’t have in my bag!!!! And, here is the thing, I HARDLY EVER NEED THIS STUFF!!! LOL!!!!!!! But let me forget it, and you can bet your bottom dollar that I will need it!!!!! No win!!!! But, on a positive note, I am usually someone’s life saver…. someone breaks a nail? Well, I have the disposable nail file to the rescue!!! HA! HA! I literally carry a back pack on a flight! Luckily, I don’t seem to travel like I use to!

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  6. Music is absolutely necessary! And snacks haha. I could leave the rest at home but snacks and music are essentials!!

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  7. HAND SANITIZER!! That’s a MUST! And facial/hand wipes!

    The last place I went to… Taiwan! 😀


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