The one with a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and traditions


Our first Christmas together (me, my blog, and you guys). So exciting.


It’s also my and Curtis’ first Christmas living together, and yeah, I am seriously majorly excited about it. Milestones right?!?

OUR FIRST TREE image(It’s not that we have excitingly giant presents unfortunately, our tree is just very tiny 🙂 )





Okay I will stop capitalising now. It was necessary though.

Can we take a second to talk about how everyone celebrated Christmas as a child? I personally think that Christmas traditions are super flipping exciting and I am brainstorming like a fiend about traditions Curtis and I can do together.

Christmas Eve was always spent doing “rock-hopping” ie. me and my sis hopping from rock to rock on a river which would tire us out suitably so we could get to sleep and Santa could come. Random, but super fun. We would also put out cookies and milk and carrots for Santa’s reindeer which would have the ends nibbled off in the morning, the reindeer are fussy like that 😉

Christamas Santa Welcoming

(My very beautiful welcome Santa sign with all my cabbage patch dolls to help him out).

Santa was a big deal in our household (I may have somehow believed in him until age 12- denial was a key part in this achievement) and so our Christmas presents have always mysteriously appeared under the tree on Christmas morning. Full disclosure- this still happens even though I’m now 25. Mum, you’re amazing 🙂

Me and my sis have always woken up at an ungodly hour and then jumped back in bed together to explore our Christmas stockings together. Love this tradition because back in the day it helped us wait for the actual present opening (my dad is notorious for taking ten million hours to get ready on Christmas morning) and now it is a special moment between us sisters.

My family then spends the morning drinking tea and eating fruit loaf, opening presents, and laughing at our cat who simply must lie in every piece of wrapping paper. She is pretty confident she’s adorable.image

Lunch is usually spent with some relatives and involves lots of summer salads, chicken or turkey with amazing cranberry sauce, roast veggies, and some different desserts like chocolate covered strawberries and pavlova.

It’s also pretty normal for us to spend some time on the beach on Christmas day which I love- I know this is weird to people who have white Christmases but to me Christmas time = beach time.

Finally, almost every year since I have been running I have gone for a run on Christmas day! This is my own personal tradition and while I am a big fan because running just makes life feel even more amazing somehow, it is also something I am happy to skip if it will cut in to my family time. Now that I am becoming a morning worker-outer (post on this coming soon!) I think I will get it in early this year.

Traditions are super fun and cute. Having said that, of course the most important Christmas tradition is just spending time with people we love, whether that is under a tree with presents or over skype and miles apart. Every day is like Christmas when you have people who you love in your life, and who love you too.

What were some of your childhood Christmas traditions? 

Do you like egg nog? 

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1 Response to The one with a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and traditions

  1. All of your traditions sounds like so much fun! And all of the food sounds incredible.

    My favorite childhood Christmas traditions were going caroling door-to-door and decorating tons of sugar cookies. Your rock skipping tradition sounds adorable- think you could convince Curtis to do that with you this year? 🙂


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