The one with a few more Christmas festivities and the walk-run-food coma phenomenon

Just a few more Christmas festivities because I compulsively need to share every aspect of my life with you guys.

A Christmas breakfast of blueberry pancakes and cereal and coffee


Bestie time


Twinning some sausage dogs, we are cool.


My beautiful new wallet from Bestie


Beach time (check out my stylin’ hair halo but try not to be too jealous, as you can see I put a lot of effort into it 😉 )


Our Christmas feast


And a sneaky Santa sighting amongst the palm trees. Normal down under Christmas.


There was also Skype time with both our families, a necessary food coma session, and a morning run to start my day.

Can we talk about the whole run/walk phenomenon?

When I first started running I would regularly walk during my runs, especially up hills and generally when I felt too tired. Let’s be honest, running does not feel very lovely when we are first starting out.

As I got better at running I took less walking breaks and started to view breaks as a “weakness”. I also always feel like my post-run endorphins are really top notch when I don’t take any walking breaks. Lately though, because I have been doing BBG which actually reccomends walking as LISS (low intensity steady state cardio) for the days where you aren’t doing resistance training, I have eased up on myself and taken plenty of walking breaks during my runs. This is partially because I have been in a bit of a food coma for most of my runs lately (ouchie) and partially because I don’t want to overdo the amount of exercise im doing. I realise that might sound weird but I have an extremely active lifestyle as a waitress and also do a lot of walking because I don’t have a car, so it is quite easy for me to physically get a bit worn out (eg. Last year when I got plantar faciatis 😣 ).

So is running with walking breaks as effective as running continually?

According to the Jeff Galloway method running with walking breaks can totally make you faster and help your recovery time.

Ohsheglows (who doesn’t love this blog?!?- NO ONE) also wrote a post about her experience with walking breaks and how they improved her overall pace.

And for me when I take walking breaks, I feel mentally less burnt out and more excited about my runs when I enjoy them more ie. when my body is screaming for a break and I just give it one.

So: what do you guys think? Do you take walking breaks or do you see it as a weakness? Any experience with walking breaks improving your running? Tell me everything because I think I will be doing this more often for a while 🙂

Did anyone hit up the Boxing day sales? I have no desire whatsoever to subject myself to that, those things are scary.

About kiwiyogirunner

I'm a kiwi girl travelling the world and staying grounded through yoga and running! Come hang out and be besties with me while I attempt to navigate my crazy life :) For more details check out my About page!
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1 Response to The one with a few more Christmas festivities and the walk-run-food coma phenomenon

  1. I think it’s perfectly fine to take a walk break whenever you want to! I sometimes have a faster pace overall if I take a break to catch my breath.
    That’s so funny – I can’t imagine being at the beach around Christmas! Of course, I would never say No to a tropical trip, so if the opportunity presented itself I would surely go!!


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