The one with date night and CALZONE

Insert multiple heart-eye smiley emojis here please. For the calzone obviously (oh yeah and the date night 😉 ).

Curtis just finished a crazy intense job and being the phenomenal girlfriend that I am I wanted to take him out for a nice dinner. Funnily enough I booked us a table at a place we had already been to because we both forgot we had been there but subconsciously it was probably my brain and soul secretly wanting to eat that magical calzone again.


We also had dessert pizza Apple crumble style (which is my and Curtis’ fave dessert) and OMG. NO WORDS.


We ordered the small and it was absolutely gigantic- I don’t remember the walk home because I was in the massivest sugar coma.

We came home and watched the Lance Armstrong documentary (the therapist in me wants to have a session with him SO BAD but I don’t imagine it going well ha) because we are ageing and starting to think watching documentaries is a good time is a key part of this.

And then I went to sleep before 10pm. This is what happens when you make your dinner reservation for 5.30pm (we get cranky when we are hungry so always best to book early 🙂 ) and your new job requires you to start work at 5.30am a few days a week.


Fave things to do for date night? 

What time do you like to book your dinner reservations? 

Fave cuisine? – This was Spanish apparently but the menu was in Italian?!

Do you love or hate documentaries? – Back in my prime I would never EVER have voluntarily watched a documentary but in the last year I started really getting into them… This plus my current 10pm bedtime = nailing the 20’s 😉


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I'm a kiwi girl travelling the world and staying grounded through yoga and running! Come hang out and be besties with me while I attempt to navigate my crazy life :) For more details check out my About page!
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5 Responses to The one with date night and CALZONE

  1. CeeJayKay says:

    Omg I can almost smell the Calzone!!!! Sitting here salivating!
    Yip… Documentaries do it for me, so do early nights… Off to find a place that does apple pie pizza desserts!!!!
    *slinks off salivating*


  2. Can’t say I’m big on documentaries. Or maybe I just have a limited range of what I would be interested in for a documentary. These days I’m all about the 30 min sitcoms or 1 hr reality shows. Those keep me entertained on the treadmill! Yikes, a 5:30 start time for work? What job is that?


    • I am usually a huge fan of tv shows too, I love that they don’t follow the typical movie plotline which gets old fast and also they can be just one hour or many hours depending on how much tv binging you have time for 😉 I switched waitressing jobs recently (somewhat stressful situation, good times) and I now work at a cafe very close to where I live! Totally different experience to fine dining especially in terms of the hours hah! I’ve basically had a complete sleep schedule change around! 🙂

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