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The one with celebration time!

It is finished!!!!!!!!!!! The masters in psychotherapy. It was a beast but also basically the best thing I ever did. I can’t believe it is over after a year and a half of studying like a demon. I moved to … Continue reading

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The one with utter randomness and a baby goat

So this legitimately sums up my life right now. For realsies, I really want to get a baby goat when we go back to NZ. Mum, Dad, you guys won’t mind right? (I will be living with them while we … Continue reading

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The one with the final taper

Taper crazies are for realsies. Taper crazies definition = Most people get these pre-marathon but I am definitely experiencing some crazy leading up to finishing the degree (and in general I am obsessed with the weather forecast because Sydney weather … Continue reading

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The one with I FOUND IT GUYS

I was awake from the hours of 4-6am (partially because at the end of the uni term my brain likes to worry about everything in the world in the middle of the night) so it was a rainy after work … Continue reading

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The one with how I am getting myself through tough runs + my masters degree

The number one way I am currently getting through all my tough runs/workouts/masters degree/really anything that makes me sweat = reminding myself that it may be uncomfortable but it will finish. (Picture representing me studying but really is me just … Continue reading

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The one with downward dog number 5696

Last night as I did probably the 5696th downward dog of my life I suddenly remembered my first ever downward dogs back in the day when I busted out my Power Yoga with Kristin McGee for the first time. Let … Continue reading

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