The one with utter randomness and a baby goat

So this legitimately sums up my life right now.


For realsies, I really want to get a baby goat when we go back to NZ. Mum, Dad, you guys won’t mind right? (I will be living with them while we embark on that little thing known as job-hunting…. What parents wouldn’t be thrilled by the possibility of a baby goat 😉 ).

I am pretty much hopped up on codeine right now (just joking but they sell this codine/paracetamol thing for colds in the pharmacy here and honestly I get a little hyped on it… ) so can I just tell you every random thing in my brain and we will pretend it’s normal? Cool.

-This was my lunch today. I know right? Begin a waitress does have some perks other than the stylin’ footwear.


-Dinner date with Bestie at the beginning of the week was the best. I can’t stop with the calzone these days so we shared a massive beastie one. Can you tell this was the beginning of my deathly cold? A thousand layers while Bestie is wearing a tank top, nice.


-I have not worked out in ONE WHOLE WEEK. I had a horrific cold and was basically on my deathbed all week so I knew it was time for a week completely off, other than a few little walks around the neighborhood.


A rest was needed but I am itching so so bad for a workout, tomorrow is the day. Again, heart eye emoji 😍 (RIGHT??). I am tossing up between a nice easy run or BBG arms (I love working out my arms and it isn’t as brutally exhausting for me as leg day is).

Most commonly used emojis? In order of most used to least according to WhatsApp: 😍😘😱🎉🐑💕😁🙏
Do you eat lamb in your country? It is super common in NZ (obviously, ha) but not so common in Canada apparently?

How long do you typically take off when you’re sick? I usually take about 3 days but I have been really worn out and also just came to the end of round two of BBG so I knew it was time for a longer break.

Calzone or pizza? 

Thoughts on the baby goat? Are they hard to raise? I should probably Google it or something…. Also, name ideas?

About kiwiyogirunner

I'm a kiwi girl travelling the world and staying grounded through yoga and running! Come hang out and be besties with me while I attempt to navigate my crazy life :) For more details check out my About page!
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1 Response to The one with utter randomness and a baby goat

  1. So the baby goat really is yours now?? Oh wow, it’s super cute!! But I hear they grow into big goats 🙂 We have signed up to be foster parents for kittens at the Human Society shelter where we are volunteers. Sounds like we might be getting a little of tiny kittens at our house soon!! Very exciting! Hopefully they are not too crazy!


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