The one with a new chapter.

Lots to catch up on guys!

Starting with the basics (and 4.6 million pictures).

Just casually moved to NZ and apparently I have acclimatised to Australia quite a lot because this happened:

It looks good I know.

It is just a teensy bit colder than my delicate temperament would prefer/I am a wuss and I am aware that pretty much everyone lives in colder temperatures than this but please note the 100% humidity (which correlates scientifically to it feeling like a billion times colder) before you judge me. That 7 degrees hurt me although I guess I can’t complain about the 18 degrees days cos that is a pretty nice winter temperature apparently 🙂

Had me the best baking sesh with mum aka she chopped up all the apples and I did the fun part and made the crumble part of the apple crumble.


I made the cat a cuddle nest which she obviously loved



Okay and I have to just go over the last few series of events in Sydney because God forbid I don’t document every thing I do in my life because it is just that exciting 😉

My sis came to Sydney! TOO EXCITING. This pic was from the Bondi to Coogee walk – totally reccomend it (running it would be the best!!!).

imageSydney has some pretty nice views 😉 image

BBQ with some friends.



MY FAVE THING EVER- Sis + Bestie together. image

My last run at my favourite running spot in Sydney. image

We to Darling Harbour to celebrate besties birthday. Sydney is pretty cool and put on some fireworks just for them (oh yeah and for the Vivid festival too I guess 😉 ). I was freezing and wearing two hats and am probably going to make it a new trend.

image8.jpgI went to Bestie for her very first day of uni and her very last day of uni too! Pretty special. imageAnd we also recreated the night we went up to Obar on one of our first bestie dates. image

I had my last favourite salad everrrrrrr at work (haloumi, quinoa, feta, sliced dates, avocado, baby spinach, any dressing— SO GOOD). image

And then it was time to leave.

Here’s to a new chapter. Now just to convince Bestie to move to New Zealand with me. I have already started job hunting for her so now just to start on the convincing part 🙂

Most amazing city you have been to? – Sydney is incredible and Rome and Tokyo are not bad either 😉

Where does your best friend live? Anyone in a bestie+long distance situation? – We want to hear success stories please!

How close do you live to the ocean? I have never lived further than a half an hour drive away from the ocean!




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I'm a kiwi girl travelling the world and staying grounded through yoga and running! Come hang out and be besties with me while I attempt to navigate my crazy life :) For more details check out my About page!
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