The one with options for when it’s less than ideal

Sometimes that little voice in my head starts getting obnoxiously loud. You know the one (hopefully, otherwise this will be awkward). It finds the factor that makes my workout situation less than ideal and then uses it to convince my brain that working out is absolutely not a good idea.

It’s too rainy
My bed is SO NICE
Every muscle in my body is dying from yesterday’s workout
I just demolished an obscene amount of lollies and that is NOT going to feel good
I live in a backpacker hostel now and have basically just my body length of space to workout in.

Okay so that last one might just be me (if any other functioning adult is living in a hostel, WHAT UP we need to be friends).

The point is though, there will always be a reason that working out might not be convenient! Seriously. And every time we let our brain agree with that little voice and choose not to work out, we are making it even more convincing/strong/hard to ignore the next time.

So how can we ignore the voice? πŸ‘‰ OPTIONS.


#1 It’s too rainy πŸ‘‰ workout at home. Body weight workouts can be amazing or just buy a few kettlebells and you are basically good to go. Obviously I am obsessed with BBGΒ and it is the easiest thing ever to do at home (unless you live in a hostel, see #5).

#2 My bed is SO NICE πŸ‘‰ bedtime yoga (just kidding, but maybe?). I usually deal with this one by telling myself I can get back in the bed after if I want to/the feeling after working out is better than the feeling of being cosy in bed. Home workouts are also usually more appealing when I just want to stay in bed- BBG, youtube yoga, youtube Jillian Michaels, and home HIIT workouts are all great options.

#3 Sore muscles πŸ‘‰ ALL the yoga/walking. I also actually find a run can help with muscle soreness but obviously it depends how sore you are, after BBG leg day there is no way a run would be possible.

#4 Too full on lollies πŸ‘‰ A walk and then some upright exercises is probably the way I would go, by the time the walk is over some of those lollies have hopefully digested a little. Upright exercises (eg squats, lunges skipping if you are brave etc) are much better than horizontal exercises (mountain climbers/planks, I am looking at you… ouchie).


#5 Teeniest living space ever πŸ‘‰ do a trial pass at a gym (I have already done two seven day trials since we arrived in Rotorua), if it’s an option just bite the bullet and join the gym, see if there are free yoga classes in the area, get outside for a run, join a running group in the area if you are worried about safety, or just come to terms with the teensy space and JUST DO IT. Yesterday I did my arm workout in the space between the foot of the bed and the wall (about 30cm πŸ˜‰ ) with poor Curtis sitting on the bed trying to ignore my grunting and it was actually a great workout.

Something is always better than nothing, and by having lots of options is it easy to find something that sounds better than whatever the little voice is telling you.

And now after all that I’d better go workout πŸ˜‰



What is your workout today?Β 

What do you tell the little obnoxious voice telling you not to workout?Β 

What is your current excuse and how do you deal with it? Both the space thing and the safety with running outside have been big for me lately- hence the two gym trial passes in a row πŸ™‚

About kiwiyogirunner

I'm a kiwi girl travelling the world and staying grounded through yoga and running! Come hang out and be besties with me while I attempt to navigate my crazy life :) For more details check out my About page!
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8 Responses to The one with options for when it’s less than ideal

  1. Love this post, Jessica! To get myself out the door for a run when I’m not feeling it, I usually tell myself that I can keep it short and turn around whenever I want after a mile or two. By then, I’m usually (usuallyyyyy) enjoying it much more anyway!


  2. Good job for bossing it! Sometimes you just gotta suck it up!


  3. Just catching up on your posts… a new job!! That’s some exciting stuff! Hope you can find a permanent living space soon. I’m sure that makes your life quite interesting! πŸ™‚ What will Curtis be doing (or what job does he hope to have)?
    Today I was cycling. I have been cutting back on the running a bit so today was cross training day, and hitting the gym later for arm workout!


    • Thanks Lisa! I LOVE my job so it is very exciting! Curtis will be doing landscape gardening! Oh wow cutting back (are you in withdrawel??)! Great that you’re cycling that is awesome cross training! Training arms is my favourite for some reason! Enjoy!

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  4. babycrow says:

    Hi Jessica — I’ve not been reading a while so it’s really nice to hear your lastest. You are so inspirational with your positivity! I love it! xx


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