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The one with my thoughts on “good form”

I feel like people freak out about “good form” all the time. And yeah, there is a reason for it- bad form = injuries = sad endorphin-less people. But honestly sometimes I really think you just have to start with … Continue reading

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The one where we live inside a volcano now

Living inside a volcano is cool. Not literally, obviously. Literally it actually has a lot of hot bubbling mud spots and steams quite a bit. It it also smells pretty interesting TBH 😉 (the Sulfur makes it smell like rotten eggs…YA) BUT it is … Continue reading

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The one with a weekend in Waihi

Even though living in a backpacker hostel for 5 weeks is so much fun because we get to be sociable at all hours of the day and night and I have my work clothes hung really nicely off the towel … Continue reading

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The one with hostel HIIT

So who doesn’t love a good HIIT? For anyone who has yet to experience the pain/glory of HIIT, that’s High Intensity Interval Training. And ya, it’s intense. The three main reasons I love me a good sweatylicious HIIT sesh: 1)      … Continue reading

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