The one with my thoughts on “good form”

I feel like people freak out about “good form” all the time. And yeah, there is a reason for it- bad form = injuries = sad endorphin-less people.

But honestly sometimes I really think you just have to start with the best form you can muster and work towards better form as you get stronger. Ya know?

For example, my experience with push ups. As you guys know I’m doing BBG and OMG there are a TONNE of push ups in this program. Regular push ups, lay down push ups, decline (!!!) push ups, in-out push ups, spider push ups….. the list is scary and goes on and on.

And when I started, I could barely do a regular on-my-knees push up. I did the simplest version possible of the exercise, and still, it BURNED. My core was all over the place. My form was highly questionable. But the thing is, if I hadn’t done about 5000 push ups like that, I would never have made progress and be able to do the push ups on my toes that I now can (all 5 maximum in a row of them 😉 ).


Don’t be too intimidated by my massive guns. They are scary I know.

So I wish I hadn’t worried so much about my form in the beginning. I wish I had known that while it’s great to AIM for good form, it can be okay to start off with imperfect form if that’s the only way you can work towards doing the exercise better.


Another tip (because I am clearly an expert now that I can do 5 😉 ) =  find the version of the exercise that you find the most fun and do that. I seem to prefer in-out push ups, and doing those has helps the rest of them get better too. Same with burpees – I weirdly like doing a burpee with a tuck jump rather than a regular jump (don’t worry I question the sanity of this too) and this has really helped me get way more into the whole burpee thing (and by that I mean hate it a teensy bit less than I used to which was A LOT).

inout push ups

(Image from here)

Finally please remember I am not qualified in anything to do with fitness so this is just MY personal experience 🙂

Now let’s go do some push ups! Whatever version we are able to.


Can you do push ups on your toes? How many?

What exercise is a big struggle for you? -Ummmmm everything in BBG and that is why it works!

What is your favourite exercise? – I love me some tricep dips and tuck jumps are my jam right now.





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I'm a kiwi girl travelling the world and staying grounded through yoga and running! Come hang out and be besties with me while I attempt to navigate my crazy life :) For more details check out my About page!
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1 Response to The one with my thoughts on “good form”

  1. Good thing you have stuck with the push ups! I can do several on my knees, but on my toes is tough. I think I can do at least 5. I did a daily challenge one time and I may have gotten up to 20, but that was it. They are my weakness for sure! I do one day of arm workouts at the gym and love that workout. I think it has really helped. Except I never do the push up part of it.. just the weights!


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