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The one with back from the back of beyond

People! Blog people! I miss you!!!! What is the haps? This post is gonna be a bit all over the place because I have many things I need to tell all of you right this second so please ignore the … Continue reading

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The one with a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and traditions

MERRY CHRISTMAS GUYS!!! Our first Christmas together (me, my blog, and you guys). So exciting. It’s also my and Curtis’ first Christmas living together, and yeah, I am seriously majorly excited about it. Milestones right?!? OUR FIRST TREE (It’s not that we … Continue reading

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The one with how yoga makes me a happier (not better) runner

Yoga poses make us better runners, that is for realsies. I am pretty sure I have done about a million posts on this. Because sure, yoga is AWESOME for stretching out the wound up runner body. But today, changing things up … Continue reading

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The one with running = the shizzle to ma nizzle

Can we take a second to talk about yet another reason that running is the shizzle to my nizzle? (Image from here) No matter what frame of mind I am in when I set out, it somehow morphs into a … Continue reading

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The one with Friday Favourites

It has been forever since my last Friday favourites post, what is up with that? Oh yeah- so many favourites that every day is just busting with them. Life is awesome 😍 But to get back to it, a few … Continue reading

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The one with goat running and how times change

Home sweet home in New Zealand. Got reacquainted with my cat And reacquainted with a whole lot of sheep (more sheep than people by far in our weird/awesome little country… chasing them out of our garden is always a good … Continue reading

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The one with an update on my goals

So I’ve been meaning to do a post on my goals that I talked about a few months ago in this post, but you know me, organisation is apparently not my strong point (unless we are talking about my uni work … Continue reading

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The one with my three fave glute moves for runners

As we all know, glute strength is SO important for runners. Anyone who has power-walked up a hill, let alone run up one, will relate. There is a massive hill that I climb every day on the way home from … Continue reading

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The one with being mindful of moderation

Bedtime at 1am. Woke up at 7am. Studied for 3hrs. Went for a 1hr run (and encountered a glorious minion balloon creation, good times 🙂 ) Had my 1st coffee. Went to work. Had my 2nd coffee. Went out for … Continue reading

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The one with two running things, two sights and two dogs

Two running things: Saw this quote and loved it: I definitely think I am a better ‘me’ because I am a runner… And I am sure that anyone who has encountered me when I haven’t run for a few days … Continue reading

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