The one with what BBG arms does to us and the usual running with goats

Breakfast = the best start to the day.


Side note: Speaking of breakfast I went to a cafe a while ago with Bestie and they had this book on the counter. I got very excited thinking it was a book about one of my fave things in this world and instead it was some type of fashion thing?? SUCH A NERVE.


Workout of the day: the usual sprint past the goats while they chase me. Afterwards I tried to make friends with my nemesis but that is a definite death-glare it is giving me.


Best running weather: cold and crisp but sunny.


Tamrillo = taste buds exploding.


Time for the laziest afternoon of my life which needs to include popcorn, movies, lying on the floor in front of the fire, and maybe some stretching if I’m feeling ambitious. I are feeling pretty relaxed after seeing jobs like this one advertised because I fit most of those stipulations.

imageLiving in New Zealand is going to be a good time.

Have you eaten a tamarillo before?

What did you have for breakfast today?

Worst DOMS you have ever had? Doing BBG I experience the worst DOMS of my life every single week after leg day, it is a good time πŸ˜‰

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The one with things I saw

Final things I saw in Sydney:

My last Sydney sunrise on the way to work


The Sydney opera house all lit up for the Vivid light festival


Lots of colourful buildings for the festival


The kids dessert I accidentally ordered and turned out the be the best dessert of my life (all the marshmallows 😍)


Bestie’s new (fake don’t worry πŸ˜‰ ) tattoo


The beautiful sign she made for me when we first lived together and that I refuse to part with



First things I saw in New Zealand:

Sheep, ponies, and lots of green


My cat in her super classy new bed (like most cats she won’t sleep in the actual cat bed, and prefers extra comfortable spots like this lovely box/a pile of wood/the wet grass to sleep on)

imageThe lollies my mum brought home for me because NZ lollies are THE BEST

image(side note please prepare for lots of attractive outfits like the above situation because I refuse to be cold and somehow that translates to some ridiculous styling)

The cheapest fruit EVER which makes me way too happy

imageAnd a baked apple made with the above fruit and seriously too good eaten on a cold night by a nice warm fire.


What was one thing you saw today that made you happy?

Favourite season? – I love Autumn and Winter but admittedly they are not too cold in New Zealand/Australia… the summer in Sydney almost destroyed me.

Last thing you baked?

Do you prefer baking or cooking? – I am more of a cooking person (less measuring) but my mum is quite the baker and is teaching me all her tricks.

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The one with a new chapter.

Lots to catch up on guys!

Starting with the basics (and 4.6 million pictures).

Just casually moved to NZ and apparently I have acclimatised to Australia quite a lot because this happened:

It looks good I know.

It is just a teensy bit colder than my delicate temperament would prefer/I am a wuss and I am aware that pretty much everyone lives in colder temperatures than this but please note the 100% humidity (which correlates scientifically to it feeling like a billion times colder) before you judge me. That 7 degrees hurt me although I guess I can’t complain about the 18 degrees days cos that is a pretty nice winter temperature apparently πŸ™‚

Had me the best baking sesh with mum aka she chopped up all the apples and I did the fun part and made the crumble part of the apple crumble.


I made the cat a cuddle nest which she obviously loved



Okay and I have to just go over the last few series of events in Sydney because God forbid I don’t document every thing I do in my life because it is just that exciting πŸ˜‰

My sis came to Sydney! TOO EXCITING. This pic was from the Bondi to Coogee walk – totally reccomend it (running it would be the best!!!).

imageSydney has some pretty nice views πŸ˜‰Β image

BBQ with some friends.



MY FAVE THING EVER- Sis + Bestie together.Β image

My last run at my favourite running spot in Sydney.Β image

We to Darling Harbour to celebrate besties birthday. Sydney is pretty cool and put on some fireworks just for them (oh yeah and for the Vivid festival too I guess πŸ˜‰ ). I was freezing and wearing two hats and am probably going to make it a new trend.

image8.jpgI went to Bestie for her very first day of uni and her very last day of uni too! Pretty special.Β imageAnd we also recreated the night we went up to Obar on one of our first bestie dates.Β image

I had my last favourite salad everrrrrrr at work (haloumi, quinoa, feta, sliced dates, avocado, baby spinach, any dressing— SO GOOD).Β image

And then it was time to leave.

Here’s to a new chapter. Now just to convince Bestie to move to New Zealand with me. I have already started job hunting for her so now just to start on the convincing part πŸ™‚

Most amazing city you have been to? – Sydney is incredible and Rome and Tokyo are not bad either πŸ˜‰

Where does your best friend live? Anyone in a bestie+long distance situation? – We want to hear success stories please!

How close do you live to the ocean? I have never lived further than a half an hour drive away from the ocean!




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The one with celebration time!

It is finished!!!!!!!!!!!

The masters in psychotherapy. It was a beast but also basically the best thing I ever did.

I can’t believe it is over after a year and a half of studying like a demon. I moved to Sydney just to do this course and it was the craziest most amazing roller coaster ever.



Starting with a trip to the salon (HA that makes me sound so fancy when in reality I think it’s the first time I’ve sat in the hair salon?! My sis cuts my hair usually)… It was made less fancy by my takingΒ the bus to my hair appointment. Am I the only one who really likes public transport? (When it is on time that is πŸ˜‰ ). I love to just space out and read and think about everything in my life/a bunch of random stuff with no other obligations.




The finished product. They did a keratin treatment and straightened every inch of my afro situation and it was quite the business. My friend didn’t recognise me later on so I guess they did a good job.


(Note my garmin because I am still obsessed).

This was my lunch because an acai bowl is basically ice cream and who doesn’t want ice cream for lunch?!


And an afternoon walk at my favourite spot and a sunbeam in my eye.


Later we had a beautiful dinner party that my lovely friend threw for me. I am too spoiled I know. Here she was giving us an education on the epicness that is Persian food.


I met these beautiful ladies in group therapy as part of our course and let me tell you that is quite the intimate way to meet someone πŸ˜‰


The glorious feast.


I am a lucky girl/PSYCHOTHERAPIST πŸ™ˆπŸŽ‰

Now to find me some clients…

How did you celebrate your graduation? -My uni only holds a graduation ceremony once a year but I feel like we more than made up for it πŸ™‚

Is your hair naturally curly or straight? -Mine is a curly beast.

Love or hate public transport? LOVE

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The one with utter randomness and a baby goat

So this legitimately sums up my life right now.


For realsies, I really want to get a baby goat when we go back to NZ. Mum, Dad, you guys won’t mind right? (I will be living with them while we embark on that little thing known as job-hunting…. What parents wouldn’t be thrilled by the possibility of a baby goat πŸ˜‰ ).

I am pretty much hopped up on codeine right now (just joking but they sell this codine/paracetamol thing for colds in the pharmacy here and honestly I get a little hyped on it… ) so can I just tell you every random thing in my brain and we will pretend it’s normal? Cool.

-This was my lunch today. I know right? Begin a waitress does have some perks other than the stylin’ footwear.


-Dinner date with Bestie at the beginning of the week was the best. I can’t stop with the calzone these days so we shared a massive beastie one. Can you tell this was the beginning of my deathly cold? A thousand layers while Bestie is wearing a tank top, nice.


-I have not worked out in ONE WHOLE WEEK. I had a horrific cold and was basically on my deathbed all week so I knew it was time for a week completely off, other than a few little walks around the neighborhood.


A rest was needed but I am itching so so bad for a workout, tomorrow is the day. Again, heart eye emoji 😍 (RIGHT??). I am tossing up between a nice easy run or BBG arms (I love working out my arms and it isn’t as brutally exhausting for me as leg day is).

Most commonly used emojis? In order of most used to least according to WhatsApp: πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜±πŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸ’•πŸ˜πŸ™
Do you eat lamb in your country? It is super common in NZ (obviously, ha) but not so common in Canada apparently?

How long do you typically take off when you’re sick? IΒ usually take about 3 days but I have been really worn out and also just came to the end of round two of BBG so I knew it was time for a longer break.

Calzone or pizza?Β 

Thoughts on the baby goat? Are they hard to raise? I should probably Google it or something…. Also, name ideas?

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The one with the final taper

Taper crazies are for realsies.

Taper crazies definition =


Most people get these pre-marathon but I am definitely experiencing some crazy leading up to finishing the degree (and in general I am obsessed with the weather forecast because Sydney weather is utterly chaotic so nothing new there).

Getting my heart rate to a normal non-palpitating level:


Tomorrow I submit a bunch of essays and paperwork.

Then I have two more classes and one therapy session (good times;) ).

And then I am DONE?

I don’t think I will know what to do with myself afterwards, it will feel so strange not to feel my left eye twitching with tiredness/stress every 0.5 seconds and to not be maniacally tapping away at the computer for hours on end.

So just for now guys….. πŸ˜‰



How did you feel coming up to the end of your schooling/degree?? SO MANY MIXED EMOTIONS

What should I do with the abundance of free time I am about to come into?? (Before I have to join the real world and actually start working a real job ha). It feels like a dream!!

What do you experience during the taper crazies??

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The one with I FOUND IT GUYS

I was awake from the hours of 4-6am (partially because at the end of the uni term my brain likes to worry about everything in the world in the middle of the night) so it was a rainy after work run for me and this is my rainy day look… enjoy πŸ˜‰

imageToo cool I know, I think the headband underneath the hood really emphasises how stylish I am. Also try not to be too jealous of our classy portable wardrobe thingy, it was a high-end purchase at K-mart for about $30. One more thing- I am not a giant even though this picture indicates otherwise.

Anyway the point of this post (there is one I promise) is to officially introduce you to my new running jacket!!!!!

I have worn the same running jacket for three years that I got at the op shop (thrift store) for about $2. #student life right? It’s a good time πŸ˜‰ anyway now that I am almost finished with my degree I am preparing to become all high maintenance and have begun this journey by spoiling myself with this bad boy (….also from Kmart, $25… basically that is my price range for everything).

This is VERY exciting news though guys. And you know why? Because this is THE ONE.

Perfect sweat masking colour βœ”οΈ

Multiple pockets βœ”οΈ (including an arm pocket 😍)

Long enough βœ”οΈ (and a little longer at the back)

It has a hood βœ”οΈ

Thumb holes βœ”οΈ

And a zip right up to cover the neck βœ”οΈβœ”οΈβœ”οΈ
(An absolutely must for me because I am weird and hate having a cold neck).

I can’t wait to be together forever through many gnarly sweaty runs and adventures.

What makes up your ultimate perfect running jacket??

Running clothes brand you buy the most? Running clothes brand you would ideally buy the most if money wasn’t a factor?? – Kmart vs lululemon for me πŸ˜‰

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The one with how I am getting myself through tough runs + my masters degree

The number one way I am currently getting through all my tough runs/workouts/masters degree/really anything that makes me sweat = reminding myself that it may be uncomfortable but it will finish.

image(Picture representing me studying but really is me just wanting to sit at the kids’ feedback table at the Sydney Chinese Gardens because they had colouring pencils).

The more I study and work in this field (psychotherapy) and hear people’s stories, the more I realise that there is not one person who hasn’t been through difficult and uncomfortable shizzle in their life (and if you are a person who hasn’t then please contact me cos I would really like to do my research thesis on you πŸ˜‰ ). What this says to me is not that life is horrible but that humans are flipping resilient.

image(From Mytherapistsays instagram).

And when I think about all the things we all go through in life my little run doesn’t seem so hard anymore.

Case in point- my computer died this week (I’ve had it for a million years and it was second hand in the first place and I was praying it would last till the end of my degree but she just didn’t make it) and it really felt like a big deal (about 80,000 words written for my degree in that bad boy) BUT then the universe was like get some perspective please when the next day I went to class and spent 8hrs listening to people’s life stories. My computer dying and my running home after class felt like no big deal in comparison to all the crazy things people deal with in their lives.

To sum this whole ramble up: life can be annoying and uncomfortable but it sure is beautiful and my run really makes it even better. So just reminding myself that the discomfort will soon be over no matter what is really the best running mantra ever.

imageNow let’s go smash our run!!!

What do you remind yourself of during tough runs?Β 

How long have you had your computer? What type is it? She was an old school white Mac and she aged gracefully until she just died out of the blue mid essay. My heart and brain hurt to think about it. RIP.

What type of computer should I get next??

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The one with downward dog number 5696

Last night as I did probably the 5696th downward dog of my life I suddenly remembered my first ever downward dogs back in the day when I busted out my Power Yoga with Kristin McGee for the first time.

Let me tell you, there was a lot of OUCHIE and my shoulders and and hamstrings sure did burn like mad. I heard yoga teachers say to “rest” in downward dog and was like seriously what are you on about, this does not feel restful people.

Now it is SO much better for me but the weird thing is I don’t even remember when it got easier? I just kept doing yoga and doing them and now here we are… It’s definitely a resting pose for me and my absolute fave for stretching out my calves, hamstrings, and even my toes.

Downward dog toe stretch(Throwback pic from when I lived with Bestie…. and was not pregnant even though it appears that I am in this super flattering photo πŸ˜‰ ).

I don’t really know why I was thinking about this but my point is that can be easy to forget how far we have come or even realise how much progress we have truly made.

That is why sometimes it is important to keep going even when we don’t see immediate progress. A big thing I have learnt doing BBG is that progress takes a TONNE of time. And while maybe for some people this could potentially be discouraging, I also think there is some empowerment in understanding the reality of this. Like if we think we are going to suddenly become a lot stronger within a really short amount of time, of course we are going to be disappointed. If instead we realise that every step we make towards our goals is making progress even if we don’t see the results straight away, I feel like there is less room for disappointment and more space for just being proud we have made those steps at all.


For example, push ups are SUPER hard for me. They’ve been hard for me for the entire time I’ve been doing BBG- almost six months. But recently, I’ve noticed I’m doing a few more on my toes every time. It has taken this long but I’m finally starting to get stronger in that area. If I had expected more progress straight away I definitely would have given up in the beginning and then I wouldn’t be where I am now! How crazy is that?

The point is we have to keep working towards our goals even when we don’t see progress straight away.

Downward dogAnd then when you whip out a downward dog type situation at the train stop it will be completely normal and not embarrassing for your Bestie at all.

What progress have you made fitness-wise lately? – Feel free to brag please πŸ™‚

Which area is it the most difficult for you to make progress in? And least difficult? – Push ups are my Everest. I find it a little easier to build strength in my legs I think? Because RUNNING (duh) and a million years of ballet and plies.

What thing used to be super hard for you and now is super easy? – Downward dog, jump lunges and waitressing for multiple hours with no food/break have gotten a lot easier for me πŸ™‚

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The one where I introduce you to the most amazing lawyer in the world

You are welcome. And you thought my blog was just a confusing jumble of yoga and running and ridiculous life stories like fake tanning my hands and taking road trips for four hours in the wrong direction.

Today’s post is about something much more important.

(Note: please prepare for much capitalisation in this post because really this is the only way to convey my extreme feelings on this subject).

Yesterday my sister officially became a LAWYER. I KNOW RIGHT?!?

image(My adorable sis and adorable parents).

You guys don’t mind if I brag do you? Cool cos it’s happening.

Not only is she probably the NICEST most generous person you will ever meet —> as a child if I said I liked one of her toys she would just give it to me, now she does the grown up version of taking me on epic adventures and generally spoiling me rotten.

OR is she the most supportive person ever —> when I was struggling with statistics in uni… (story of my life) she drove three hours just to help me with an assignment and then drove home the same day. Another time when my life was a complete hot mess she drove to see me just for a few hours after a huge day at work and then slept at my place before waking up at the crack of dawn to drive three hours to go to work again… YA. I have a million stories like this and while she might not always have gotten my harebrained life planning (eg. going overseas to study for two years or that time I randomly lived in a tent for three months ha) she has ALWAYS supported me in whatever makes me happy.

She is also the most hilarious person and I have a number of very interesting stories I could write on here but probably shouldn’t now that she is a lawyer and going to be all respectable and such. I will just state that her giggle is the most infectious thing in the world and leave it at that.

She can do any hairstyle in the world and tame my hair situation into submission which really is quite the accomplishment.

She also always stands up for the underdog and this is a very good quality in a lawyer I think.

NOT ONLY these things guys, her brain is a flipping planet. She has her degree in science AND in law and yesterday she was officially accepted into the lawyer community and they bowed down to her greatness. Okay so I actually wasn’t there which honestly is breaking my heart right now (somehow I couldn’t get assignment extensions based on I NEED to hold my sister’s hand and cry hysterically in joy for her on her special day) but that is what I assume happened. Because why wouldn’t they?


So, to sum up, free legal advice for all my blog besties okay? Hmm maybe should have run that one past my sis first ha. OKAY BYE!

PS: Also I really think we should set up some sort of dual clinic thingy where if I fail at doing effective couple’s therapy with people we can just send them next door to her office to kickstart the divorce proceedings… right? That is efficiency people.

Do you have siblings? Were you close as kids? – We were super close and would cry when the other one got hurt even if she wasn’t crying ha.

Do you know any lawyers? – I do and now I feel fancy. I bet that makes it worth the six billion years of study huh sis? πŸ˜‰

Love statistics or hate it? – HATE HATE HATE

Who is one person who inspires you? – My beautiful sister πŸ™‚

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