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The one with that time we took a spur of the moment trip to Hawaii

Let me repeat. HAWAII. You know, that dream destination/tropical/honeymoon/once-in-a-lifetime type place. YA. Sooooo I am pretty much out of my mind excited to be here. This all came about less than two weeks ago when Curtis and his family were … Continue reading

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The one with that craving a beastie run feeling

Seriously guys. I am craving a beastie long run right now the same way I crave lollies when I’ve gone a day without them in my life (which is a very sad day). (Giant delicious crocodile lolly that floated my … Continue reading

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The one with SWEAT

What would possess me to take a photo of knee sweat in deliberately¬†worse than usual lighting so you can all have the pleasure of viewing it properly? (Btw how is there a hole on the outer ankle of my sock?) … Continue reading

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The one with my current fave HIIT workout

So Sydney has gotten HOT. Like, I am talking 42 degrees C hot (107.6 degrees Fahrenheit). Ouchie. Having said that I am enjoying being outside in the fresh air lately, especially after being cooped up writing essays inside for an … Continue reading

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The one with a date with myself (and Kayla Itsines)

As you guys know I am a big fan of taking myself on a date when I get the chance. This date was pretty special though guys. Like I wined and dined myself. And by wined I mean drank a … Continue reading

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