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The one with what I learnt in my month of F45 and some NEWS

So I finished my one month unlimited pass for F45. It was FOR REALSIES one of the hardest workouts I have ever done. Like, half the session I would be having a mental argument with myself about whether I could … Continue reading

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The one with my morning routine and Friday Favourites

The glorious start to my day: -Calming spa music. -Cleaning the house before I am fully awake, face mask plastered on face, looking stylin’. (No photo 😉 ). -A cup of peppermint tea and avocado on toast. -Yoga 😍 —-> … Continue reading

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The one with the bestie anniversary and transcending via burpees

What I have been doing with my life other than studying a bajillion hours a day? Oh ya know. Chillaxin. And by chillaxin I mean MELTING AND COOKING. Drinking multiple cold beverages a day to attempt to not drown in … Continue reading

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