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The one after the awkward Amish-type interlude

Aka that time I awkwardly dropped off the face of the (blog) planet for a few months. …My bad. I could give some really detailed and complex excuses but in a nutshell there was a broken computer phase, a dodgy-internet … Continue reading

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The one with my thoughts on “good form”

I feel like people freak out about “good form” all the time. And yeah, there is a reason for it- bad form = injuries = sad endorphin-less people. But honestly sometimes I really think you just have to start with … Continue reading

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The one with hostel HIIT

So who doesn’t love a good HIIT? For anyone who has yet to experience the pain/glory of HIIT, that’s High Intensity Interval Training. And ya, it’s intense. The three main reasons I love me a good sweatylicious HIIT sesh: 1)      … Continue reading

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The one with what BBG arms does to us and the usual running with goats

Breakfast = the best start to the day. Side note: Speaking of breakfast I went to a cafe a while ago with Bestie and they had this book on the counter. I got very excited thinking it was a book … Continue reading

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The one with my current workout schedule and the glories of BBG

My current workout schedule is rocking my world. I feel like it is complementing itself in the best way if that makes sense? Basically as you guys know I am following the Kayla Itsines BBG workout plan, but I still … Continue reading

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The one with SWEAT

What would possess me to take a photo of knee sweat in deliberately worse than usual lighting so you can all have the pleasure of viewing it properly? (Btw how is there a hole on the outer ankle of my sock?) … Continue reading

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The one with a date with myself (and Kayla Itsines)

As you guys know I am a big fan of taking myself on a date when I get the chance. This date was pretty special though guys. Like I wined and dined myself. And by wined I mean drank a … Continue reading

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