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The one with a minion eyeball and some R&R

So it’s been a crazy weekend guys (like four days ago, my bad 😉 ). Halloween shenanigans – yeah, I was a MINION. Pretty much the most exciting moment of my life right there. The eyeball. Curtis was Aaron Woods, … Continue reading

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The one with Thursday things that made me happy

A flower picked for my by my love, old-school style. Sent by text to me across 8000 miles of ocean, modern-times style. Technology: making long-distance relationships awesome across the globe. He really knows the way to my heart and also … Continue reading

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The one with the new love of my life

(Sorry Curtis 😉 ). A bestie date was needed yesterday but not before I was introduced to the new love of my life. This bad boy and me are about to get real cosy and my quality of life is … Continue reading

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The one with random stuff that made me happy aka Friday Favourites a day late

This week was packed full of awesomeness so these are just a few random highlights: -Skype sessions with my sis. We have set up a schedule for this and hearing her adorable giggle and pearls of wisdom twice a week is … Continue reading

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The one with some study stuff

This was the study position I assumed for most of the morning. I promise I am not that addicted to yoga, it’s just that sometimes my back gets really sore from studying and this is the best way to stretch … Continue reading

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The one with some awesome stuff from my Sunday

Today was filled with awesomeness. Yes I spent most of the day on my essay, and yes I worked the other half of the day but there was still plenty of room for lots of exciting stuff, eg: -I enjoyed … Continue reading

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The one where ALL MY DREAMS EVER came true and I met a real life minion

So today I woke up and felt it. That running itch. FINALLY! It’s been tripping me out, like I don’t think I’ve ever not felt the urge to run, usually I am completely Type A/addictive about it. I think that … Continue reading

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The one with the bestie separation

First things first. You know your university is awesome when you wake up to this:     FYI, I am studying psychotherapy but apparently my uni offers other stuff as well 😉   After I finished laughing about that, my … Continue reading

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