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The one after the awkward Amish-type interlude

Aka that time I awkwardly dropped off the face of the (blog) planet for a few months. …My bad. I could give some really detailed and complex excuses but in a nutshell there was a broken computer phase, a dodgy-internet … Continue reading

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The one where we live inside a volcano now

Living inside a volcano is cool. Not literally, obviously. Literally it actually has a lot of hot bubbling mud spots and steams quite a bit. It it also smells pretty interesting TBH 😉 (the Sulfur makes it smell like rotten eggs…YA) BUT it is … Continue reading

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The one with things I saw

Final things I saw in Sydney: My last Sydney sunrise on the way to work The Sydney opera house all lit up for the Vivid light festival Lots of colourful buildings for the festival The kids dessert I accidentally ordered … Continue reading

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The one with a new chapter.

Lots to catch up on guys! Starting with the basics (and 4.6 million pictures). Just casually moved to NZ and apparently I have acclimatised to Australia quite a lot because this happened: It looks good I know. It is just … Continue reading

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The one with utter randomness and a baby goat

So this legitimately sums up my life right now. For realsies, I really want to get a baby goat when we go back to NZ. Mum, Dad, you guys won’t mind right? (I will be living with them while we … Continue reading

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The one with the return to the mothership

What do you do when you wake up to a giant gnarly kookaburra sitting on the fence outside eating a rat and literally wacking the rat against the fence with its beak to kill it?? (Photo is post-rat because no … Continue reading

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The one with how I fail at blogging ;)

Okay so I might have missed my blogiversary in January. Lol. Basically I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for a year?! Sometimes I’ve posted every day (or twice a day ☺️) and sometimes it’s gotten MAJOR sporadic (sorry for the … Continue reading

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The one with back from the back of beyond

People! Blog people! I miss you!!!! What is the haps? This post is gonna be a bit all over the place because I have many things I need to tell all of you right this second so please ignore the … Continue reading

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The one with goat running and how times change

Home sweet home in New Zealand. Got reacquainted with my cat And reacquainted with a whole lot of sheep (more sheep than people by far in our weird/awesome little country… chasing them out of our garden is always a good … Continue reading

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The one with ultimate luxury and general randomness

Ultimate luxury of the week: spending the morning studying in bed with three galleons of green tea. I also painted my nails as a reward for finishing a massive assignment last night cos that is one of my fave things … Continue reading

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