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The one where we talk about the weekend again because it is my favourite and now I get one every week?!

So over the last two years I have basically not done the whole weekend thing, and certainly never on the actual weekend (does that make sense?). Turns out doing your masters actually takes quite a lot of study (YA, my … Continue reading

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The one with the final taper

Taper crazies are for realsies. Taper crazies definition = Most people get these pre-marathon but I am definitely experiencing some crazy leading up to finishing the degree (and in general I am obsessed with the weather forecast because Sydney weather … Continue reading

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The one with I FOUND IT GUYS

I was awake from the hours of 4-6am (partially because Curtis sleep-said my name in a very creepy voice and scared me and partially because at the end of the uni term my brain likes to worry about everything in … Continue reading

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The one where adulting is hard.

YES. Adulting is hard when: -You and your boyfriend think it is a good idea to be silly with each other before you’re properly awake/before the first cup of coffee of the day and you end up “power stomping” (his … Continue reading

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The one with run commuting

Let’s talk about run commuting guys! Who does it? Why do you do it? ….Who likes it??? I probably run commute in general once a week and more than that during the end of the uni semester when I am … Continue reading

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The one with Friday Favorites

Wow forever since I did a Friday Favourites post right? So fun how I’m unpredictable like that 😉 Favourites this week = 1) The ol’ run commute is back guys. Its just that time of the uni semester where I … Continue reading

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The one with Thursday things that made me happy

A flower picked for my by my love, old-school style. Sent by text to me across 8000 miles of ocean, modern-times style. Technology: making long-distance relationships awesome across the globe. He really knows the way to my heart and also … Continue reading

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The one with how to stop your brain exploding from studying too much

The end of semester is approaching. DUN DUN DUN… This has several ramifications for me as a student. It causes me to wake up bolt upright at around 7am every morning (not super early I know, but as a waitress … Continue reading

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The one with some study stuff

This was the study position I assumed for most of the morning. I promise I am not that addicted to yoga, it’s just that sometimes my back gets really sore from studying and this is the best way to stretch … Continue reading

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