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The one where we talk about the weekend again because it is my favourite and now I get one every week?!

So over the last two years I have basically not done the whole weekend thing, and certainly never on the actual weekend (does that make sense?). Turns out doing your masters actually takes quite a lot of study (YA, my … Continue reading

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The one with a weekend in Waihi

Even though living in a backpacker hostel for 5 weeks is so much fun because we get to be sociable at all hours of the day and night and I have my work clothes hung really nicely off the towel … Continue reading

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The one with weekend traditions

After a perfect weekend in the Blue Mountains¬†I am going to share our weekend traditions¬†with you because obviously this is important stuff. -My ULTIMATE fave weekend tradition = a nice mix of spending one weekend day doing super relaxing things … Continue reading

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The one with my three fave glute moves for runners

As we all know, glute strength is SO important for runners. Anyone who has power-walked up a hill, let alone run up one, will relate. There is a massive hill that I climb every day on the way home from … Continue reading

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