Here are just a few questions I often get asked so I have summed them up nutshell-style, I will be updating this page as I go though 🙂


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1) How did you first start doing yoga? – I bought a yoga dvd (Power with Kristin Mc Gee) at the Warehouse (like the NZ version of Target I think) for a ridiculously cheap price, about seven years ago. It was kindof spur of the moment but I had thought about yoga before and been interested, plus I had done ten years of ballet so I was pretty sure I would like it. I started doing it at home and in my dorm at university and loved it right from the start. I definitely could not move for about a week after doing it the first time though! I did that dvd for TWO YEARS before ever setting foot in a class. Let’s just say my form needed a little work when I finally did 😉

2) What style of yoga do you do? – I generally do vinyasa/ashtanga, a bit of iyengar, but I also love some power or yin depending on how I feel on the day. Okay I kindof love it all, I am a yoga skank 😉

3) Where do you do yoga? Always in the same spot or do you go different places? Or do you go to a studio? – Get ready for a more detailed description than you probably wanted guys 😉

After doing yoga by myself at home for two years (about twice a week at that time) I went to Malaysia and found an incredible teacher who until this day is still “the one” yoga teacher for me. She taught iyengar style and really helped me with my form and was also the most adorable hilarious lady ever. She taught in English which was lucky for me except for one time when I went to her Mandarin class by accident and had to follow as best I could. This was when I starting practicing an hour and a half every day in without fail (yoga in Malaysia was incredibly cheap).

After that I went back to normal life (and a student budget) and continued practicing at home with my dvd (me and Kristin are pretty much besties now 😉 ), as well as doing free classes at the local Lululemon store in Auckland. Did you know that all Lululemon’s do free yoga classes and other fitness stuff like fun runs? I have done yoga at the Lululemon in Auckland, Vancouver, and Sydney at this point and they have all been amazing. I love doing the community class like that because every week you generally get a different style of yoga so it is great for beginners who aren’t too sure on which style is their preferred one yet.

That took me right up until last year when I went to Salt Spring Island in Canada to do three months of Karma Yoga and the service and study program. This was an incredible adventure and I promise I will do a proper post about it soon as I have been talking about it forever and still not gotten around to the post. Here I was doing lots of different styles of yoga asana practice, and also living and breathing yoga as a lifestyle.

Now in Sydney me and my bestie do yoga when we wake up, and yoga before bed. We only usually do about 10-30 mins each time, and we use Youtube for lots of different classes and styles. I never used Youtube before now, but it is an incredible resource, with soo many different classes and teachers. I actually LOVE doing yoga like this, just a short session morning and night, because even at the end of a long waitressing shift 10 mins seems achievable to me, and I end up having the best sleep as a result.

In the morning we do yoga on the balcony, on the rooftop, in our room, and down at the waterfront close to her place. I have done yoga in the tiniest dorm rooms, my pizza wedge shaped apartment in Auckland, in the woods in Canada, and a million other places so I am not fussy. I definitely love doing it outside though, to me yoga is just the most natural thing and so feels best in nature. Now I sound like a rambly hippy so I will stop 😉

4) Where did you get your yoga mat? – Confession: I never had a yoga mat until about three days ago. I have always gone au natural with this (which I realise is probably not reccomended), but my yoga gloves have been great and I have had quite a transient sort of lifestyle for a while which puts me off accumulating too much stuff. I finally bit the bullet and got a $6 one from kmart but I don’t think it will last long term.

5) What do you wear to do yoga? – I am a capris girl all the way (for running and yoga) and like singlet tops that aren’t too baggy so I don’t flash everyone in the apartment opposite us when I do it on the balcony. Recently I am also loving me some short shorts because it is so hot here. I also like a headband to keep my hair and sweat out of my eyes, and my yoga gloves are super helpful with grip.


Namaste 🙂


2 Responses to Yoga

  1. TimeDancer says:

    I recently took up yoga, and it was one of the best things I’ve ever decided to do! At 21, I have more stress wrapped up in this little body than I care to admit. Lol. Whenever I do yoga though, I feel like all of the negative just bleeds right out. Right now, I’m simply using Pinterest to find poses. I devour what I can about yoga when I can. Hopefully in a month or so I can take my first class. 🙂 I love the adventure you have described so far in your blog. I look forward to reading more of what you write!


    • That is so exciting that you’ve taken up yoga, good on you! And I totally agree, the twenties are a pretty tumultuous time of life! That’s a great idea to use Pinterest, I’ve never done it that way and should give it a try! Youtube is also a great starting point. Aww thanks girl, looking forward to hearing how your first class goes! 🙂 thanks for your lovely comment!


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